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Hi ,
I will be traveling to Nigeria for the first time, this Christmas and arriving in Lagos. I planned to go several years ago but it didn't work out. However, I purchased my flight ticket, and am ready to start my visa application but there are a few things that I am unsure and/or confused about.

This is what is required for a tourist visa:

Original Passport valid for at least 6 months - I have a Canadian passport and is valid.

One recent coloured passport size photograph with at least 3 months validity. I'm not sure what they need this for. Do they apply this to the visa? In other applications, I have seen them request two photos.

Completed online Entry Visa Application Form and Sign - So complete application online, print off and sign.

Confirmed Payment - I believe the Visa fee is $75 US app. $98 Cdn

Visa Acknowledgment Slip - Is this receipt that you paid for the visa?

Forward original passport, all required documents and a self-addressed return CANADA POST PRIORITY OR XPRESSPOST ENVELOPE ONLY.

Drop off the visa application is Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm.

  • Can I send it by registered mail instead of going in person as I live 4 hours from Ottawa?

Photocopy of Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. *I will visit a travel clinic to get my vaccinations and malaria tablets. I'm taking cannabis oil and antidepressants, and read that Malarone is one of the better ones to take in this situation. I know that it's expensive but I would prefer something with less side effects. I'm hoping that the cannabis oil will counteract the affects. I will also request a letter to the embassy, to allow me to bring my cannabis oil with me. I have a registered card in Canada but know that I will need permission by the Nigerian consulate.

Requirements for Tourist Visa:
ITEMS 1-12 above +
a. A typed self-explanatory letter request for Tourist visa - I'm not sure what I am supposed to write here besides a request for a Tourist visa for (dates) and to visit friend.
Is there anyone who has done this and would be willing to help or share their letter?

b. Letter of Confirmation of employment from employer in Canada - I will request a letter from my employer.

c. A confirmed hotel reservation for the duration of stay in Nigeria, and copy of Hotel Employer's Identification Card - My trip is not until December 21, 2018 so I haven't booked any hotels yet. It seems too early to be doing this especially since during part of my trip, I will be traveling to another town (Enugu) to visit another friend but don't have the exact dates. What do I do? And why do I need to get a copy of an employer's identification care from the hotel?

d. Evidence of sufficient funds: Photocopy of Receipts for the purchase of U.S. funds from the bank considered adequate to cover the cost of the trip and not Statement of Account.

Does it have to be from the bank? What if I go to one of those money exchange places in the mall? Also, how much is "sufficient" for them? I don't know how much to bring as I don't know how much things cost in Nigeria. Also, when traveling to Europe, which I know is very different, I used my credit card a lot but mostly for bigger purchases but had euros on me. I'm just wondering if it's better to use cash more and keep the credit card for anything major?

  • I was advised to use a Revolut card.

Thank you for your help! : )

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Have you tried to telephone the Nigerian Embassy in Ottawa? We've been getting visas for Eritrea and Sudan and we've had to deal with the respective consulates in Australia (from New Zealand) and we've done it by telephone and e-mail. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to send and you'll be able to ask any question you like on the phone.

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The Embassy web-sites usually have that info.
I haven't checked and maybe this is one of the few that don't, but they'll usually state email and/or telephone numbers to answer questions like these.

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Quoting Andrew Mack

The Embassy web-sites usually have that info.
I haven't checked and maybe this is one of the few that don't, but they'll usually state email and/or telephone numbers to answer questions like these.

How about +1 613-236-0521? Does that work? They don't deal with visa inquiries on Mondays!

From the Nigerian High Commission website:

Physical Office & Mailing Address:
Nigeria High Commission 295 Metcalfe Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1R9 Canada

General enquiry: Email: can't post this but there is one!. Phone:1-613-236-0521-3 (Passport enquiries: ext 0 and 228; Visa enquiries: ext 224 and 227)
You can also reach us at 1-900-528-0546 (Call costs $3.00 per minute from landline; rate may be more for calls from cellphones)