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Hey everyone,

I'm an Australian currently travelling in Europe with my partner (Austria and UK citizen). I have been searching for an answer to this question for a while now with very varied results.

I have a valid 24month UK Youth Mobility Visa. I am under the impression that this will allow me to travel in Europe (EU and Schengen) as I was a UK citizen (as under the visa I am in the UK as a resident).

My partner and I are house sitting in Europe for an extended period of time, well past the 90 Day Schengen visa limit. Am I going to run into issues with this?

I have had mixed responses from various sources...

Australian Consulate (Berlin)
Yes I am fine, being a UK resident grants me travel rights the same as UK citizens.

Schengen Organisation
Yes I am fine to travel throughout Europe for 90+ days.

Various internet sources
Yes I am fine.

Other various internet sources
No. I am not fine at all and I am limited to the 90 day Schengen Visa limit.

Does anyone know what the actual answer to this is? With experience? It's incredibly confusing. To complicate matters my partner and I would like to reside in Europe (probably Germany) after our travels and find employment. I don't want some stupid visa mix up to impact our future life plans!!!

Any accurate realise help or guidance would be amazing.

Thanks in advance,,


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I see you've had no replies so I'll give this a bump.

The normal advice would be to talk to the embassy or consulate. You've done that and had reassurance from them, so I don't know how advice from random people on a travel forum is going to firm things up for you. Sounds like you're got the definitive answer already.