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1. Posted by edhorning (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Looking for recommendations on travel in Reykjavik, Iceland area upcoming in December and January.

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Are you active? There are numerous multi-day Ice Caving tours you can take from Reykjavik or you can drive to meet the tours. is a great guide source with options to buy tours. Weather in December/January varies so dress in layers. If you're going on a day tour, no jeans. Save the jeans for Reykjavik or your time will be ruined being drenched. If you're not used to driving in winter weather, I would recommend taking tours. They are expensive but worth it. Jökulsárlón is an amazing place to visit. The Golden Circle/Secret Lagoon is a good tour. Food is Reykjavik can be $$$ so budget for that or stay in an Airbnb and cook some meals. The sun is only out (if at all) for around 4 hours this time of years but Reykjavik is pretty well lit with Christmas decorations. It's very festive. No need to get cash, debit/credit cards are widely accepted (not sure about AMEX).

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Thanks so much for the information. We are pretty active and have rented a 4x4 for driving around. Living several years in snowy Colorado I feel like driving should be ok as long as we are very cautious. So as far as staying dry......suggestions? We have snowboarding jackets/pants and waterproof boots. Is this sufficient or should we add a waterproof barrier to this? We will keep the jeans for Reykjavik evenings. Thanks for the tour info as we will definitely check it out.

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Beware of strong wind when you're driving. I am sure you're okay as long as wind is not too strong as you're used to drive on snowy roads. But Iceland was quite windy and even locals do get accidents due to wind on slippery roads.
Always check road conditions on this website before you drive.

If you're into photography and have time in Reykjavik, I'd recommend Reykjavik Photography museum. Admission was free. When I visited there, they had a retrospective exhibition of a photographer from Iceland in 1960s and loved his works!

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If you plan on driving F roads in Iceland you better check whatever route you plan that those roads are open in winter as some roads are just closed for the season or require a super jeep to get through.