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Any help or information on travelling China's silk road...crossing border from Loas...travelling with pets in china...
Anything would be greatly appreciated....
Thank you ...

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Someone once told me that it was very difficult and costly to import a housecat into China. Something about a couple of thousand dollar "fee" and some sketchy people making the actual transfer of the cat over the border. It could have been all fiction.

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I'll ask the tacky question - visiting China - are the dogs for fresh meat?


Two of many related links that a quick Google type search comes up with:

When you have to do any flying, well that sometimes kills animals too. Google up pet deaths due to flying.

My opinion - if you really care for your pets - leave them home with trusted friends or family. There may be quarantines you have to go through when you return home. Check with your country if the dogs have to be put in quarantine on your return. (Providing your pets are still alive.)

Fill out your profile.

A question as odd as this sounds more like a troll post or the very least really naive first time travelers!

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Thank you for your reply.
Absolutely not for dog meat and absolutely not a rookie traveller.

I need to get back to Europe either way with my dogs. Cambodia - France.Flying straight there is still an option but I was thinking this could be an adventure of a lifetime. Obviously I am at the start of my research so I am asking silly questions.
I would be crossing the border by air travel at all. So I'm hoping that means quarintine?
Thanks again for you kind reply

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You did come back! One post, unusual question, could be a troll or someone selling a service.

Looks like you have a big job ahead of you. Whatever country you are starting from (Laos??) might have an expat forum. Some other expats could have taken their pet to China and wrote a piece on it. There are various expat forums for China that could have advice for their travels with dogs.

Quarantine. My guess is that it is to determine if YOUR animal has some sort of disease that could transfer to other animals in your home country. Diseases the dogs picked up in foreign countries that infect local dogs where you end up at. Flying just means less opportunity for your dogs to catch something that is harmful to other animals in your home country.

Another sample link that comes up with a Google type search using my computer. There are many links available.

You have a big job ahead of you. Visas, special permissions for the pets; knowing that fewer hotels want an animal in their room, three animals might be pushing it. Your pets could be attacked by other animals along the way.

There are professional animal transfer services that you might want to look up. Sample below:

Big job ahead!

Good luck!

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If you go online you'll discover that traveling overland on China's Silk Road (all the way back to Europe?) will be a daunting and expensive experience. For one, your dogs will be subject to quarantine of as much as 30 days in China, where only one pet per passport is admissable, etc. And moving from one jurisdiction to another potentially means complying with different sets of rules in each. You're apt to conclude that flying back to France is the best solution.

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Thank you everyone for your replies and advice .
The more I am looking into it the more this big job is becoming a humongous massive huge gigantic job.
It looks easy enough to do the trip if anyone else is interested ....but with the pooches not so much.

(I'm going to add...the dogs are extremely well behaved and very easy going..all with excellent temperament and I would never even consider doing such a massive trip with them if I thought they were going to be in any discomfort or pain. I think airtravel will be scarier for them to be honest but it is the quickest easiest way )

I'm still going to research more....and see what comes up.
Thank you everyone

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If you're thinking of transporting your three dogs from Cambodia by air to France, please note that there are certain requirements; and that they likely will incur fees that some would consider substantial.

For example, see this Air France link:

Since France is your destination, see this link:

Some airlines have changed their pet transportation policies, so it's wise to check.

If Paris is your destination, please note that there are no nonstop flights from Cambodia. Air France has a relationship with Bangkok Airways, so the flight leaves Phnom Penh (PNH) to Bangkok (BKK) where there is a 2 hr 20 min layover before connecting to an Air France flight to Paris (CDG). You'll need to make doubly sure that your dogs will be loaded on your connecting flight; and that their crates are safely in the shade before loading onto the flight. Also note the total travel time will be at least 16 hours.

It would be to your pets' best interest to minimize the connection time, but not too short as to risk missing the connection.

I owned and trained Bernese Mountain Dogs for many years. Most of the time when I traveled, I left my dogs with friends (who also owned BMDs). I never considered taking them on overseas trips, owing to the substantial risks, expense and inconvenience. I sometimes took my dogs on road trips in the U.S. but only for short periods (such as to dog shows and other competition events); and usually not during the hot summer months.

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Thank you
I have been looking into flights for a long time now and I am familiar with the ins and outs.
It is definitely not easy but seems to be the easiest way for sure.
The dogs were all born here in Cambodia and are all family and leaving them behind isn't an option as we are immigrating totally.
They are all up to date and pretty much ready to leave and we have found several airlines and pet shipping companies. The annoying thing now is that there are three and they are quite large. So some companies are saying they will have to fly as cargo and that's even more stressful for us and of course for them...
We have been dealing mostly with KLM as they seem to have a good record with pet transportation.
The silk road would have been an adventure of a lifetime but it is just looking unfeasible with pets....