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Hi guys, I will depart to Australia soon via OZintro to kick off my working holiday visa journey, in order to better acquaint myself to the country. I have a few doubts, I see that the majority of those doing the OZintro group tours are Caucasians and I rarely see any Asians. As an Asian male (from Asia), I am afraid of feeling self conscious about (likely) being one of the only Asians in the group and that I might struggle in mixing and mingling within the group. Perhaps this concern might be a little irrational since I speak fluent English after all, but still. Am I right to be concerned?

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Hi Willy

Australia is a place you see a lot of Asians and different ethnicities so I don't think you'll feel like you stand out in the street as being different.

On a group tour you're going to get a mix of different nationalities, I'd say probably mostly Europeans plus Americans / Canadians but I'd expect there to be various others too - first group trip I went on had some Brazillians, a couple of Japanese and a Taiwanese. So while their backgrounds will be different, many of them come from places with plenty of Asian faces around (I think most European countries now have a lot of ethnicities, certainly here in the UK we do) so I don't think it will be an issue. Added to that, I kind of hope anyone going travelling is going to be open minded and looking forward to meeting people from different backgrounds to them - all part of the experience!

After a few days travelling in a group, I always find that the group becomes a family and they're looking out for each other as they encounter salespeople, scammers and beggars, and very quickly as the scenery changes the familiar thing becomes the people you're travelling with, and the group usually bonds and becomes friends. Okay there's occasionally a loud-mouthed jerk who gets on everyone's nerves, but that just serves to throw the group together all the more - which is all good unless you happen to be the jerk. ;)

The only thing I've seen hold people back from making friends is lack of English language, and even then people try hard. Not an issue for you.

I'm sure you'll have a great time and hopefully make some long-term friends.