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Quoting greatgrandmaR

there is nothing inherently wrong with ticking off places on a list. It may not be what you want to do, but it might make someone else happy.

I agree that there isn't anything wrong with that approach (although many allow far to little time for their 'tick box' visit), but that is my definition of a fast traveller...

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You can be fast for one place and slow in another. For instance, my parents took my sister and me to Europe in 1950. We missed going to Luxembourg because the ship was delayed by a storm, but we spent from mid June to early August in Europe - over a week in Paris, about 10 days in Germany, and a week in Oxford, plus we drove up to Edinburgh from there and spent some time in London. But when we got to Denmark, we realized that we could get to Sweden on a ferry, and pick up a country to fill in for Luxembourg, so we did that and spent a few hours in Sweden and took the ferry back. For Sweden that would be fast travel. But for France, Germany and England, not so much. So were we fast or slow travelers?