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41. Posted by JetlagWarriors (Full Member 42 posts) 21w 2 Star this if you like it!

There are pros and cons to both -- and I enjoy both.

I have met people who say they prefer 'slow travelling', when it is clear in reality they just prefer doing nothing at all. The only reason for travelling is because they can't afford to not work for months in their own country; it's too expensive! That being said I have met slow travellers who can provide incredible insight to the feel and culture of a place. They truly are getting something out of the experience that a fast traveller is not getting. They have some sort of understanding about the how and the why things are done in a country, rather than just the what is being done.

I have also met people who say they prefer 'fast traveling'. Some of these people give the outward appearance of genuinely disliking travelling. Must have something to do at all times, must have wifi and their phone, irritable about any change of plans, and it sort of seems taking the picture at the top of the mountain is more important than the experience of climbing the mountain. That being said, I have met fast travellers who have seen and done it all. They have incredible insight and are able to compare cultures and really have a grasp of how unique they all are. It would take a slow traveler a lifetime to have so many worldwide experiences they have by the age of 40.

So, there are pros and cons to both. As for me, I fall on both sides of the spectrum, depending on the day, location, crew I am travelling with, etc. What's most important to me when I travel is to make memories. Sometimes that calls for hustle and go go, sometimes that calls for another day on the hostel rooftop patio enjoying a cold drink watching the world go by.

There is no right or wrong way. Just different ways.

Cheers, great topic

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Slow traveller over here!

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Same here. When I was younger I was a fast traveller. Now I realized I prefer slow approach so I can discover more about culture, history, traditions in new places