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1. Posted by Perdi.digby (Budding Member 3 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

For my textile project I am designing and creating a garment that will lessen the hassle when traveling round the world and round the U.K, especially in cities.
I have identified problems that, in my opinion, would greatly reduce the hassle of traveling, if resolved. For example, when in the city and in a rush, you are going to be held back if you are carrying around a suitcase or large items like that, but if this garment could hold half of the thing in that suitcase then you could afford to take smaller bag that’s easier to carry or not even a bag at all.
There are also millions of people in the city and there is a risk of being pickpocketed in busy areas especially when using public transport like the tube. By intigrating valuable things like your wallet or headphones, it greatly reduces that risk as well as the risk of you losing things.
I want my garment to be able to hold all the essentials for a day out including a pockets specially designed for the plus iPhones and for an Oyster card, which I find I loose all the time, reducing the time for your journey because you are organised and ready for what’s coming up in the day ahead.

  • *** I would be extremely grateful if you could give any feed back as to wether you think this is a good idea or others thing that could be added to contribute to lessening the hassle of traveling****

Thank you!

2. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 1722 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

The idea of lugging all that stuff around with me attached to my clothing is not appealing. I try to keep it as light as possible so I don't get tired walking all day. Since I'm female, I have a handbag that holds camera, phone, Oyster Card, passport, money, etc. and that takes care of it for me. My husband manages to put everything he needs into his jacket or trouser pockets. I don't even take a water bottle since if you're in a city, it's easy enough to get water.

When I'm going from one accommodation to another, I use a backpack and it works just fine. It seems to me clothing that held half of your things would be rather bulky and funny looking. You might sell it to men, but not many women would like it. Besides, we all have our handbags . . .

3. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1921 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I don't like handbags, and if I had my druthers I would never carry one. I do carry a handbag if I'm going to be on an airplane where they allow one. I put it under my scooter seat. It is a cloth bag that my sister gave me about 6 years ago, and I don't need another one.

I don't use a backpack. I have never used a backpack and I don't foresee ever using one in the future.

Clothing which would have space for stuff I think would be a good idea for me. I find that if I have anything in my hands at all, I will put it down someplace and leave it. Typically I lose a water bottle on each trip. In the past, I had a biker's water bag that was on my back and had a tube to my shoulder with a bite valve on it. I don't use it anymore because they aren't very sturdy, but I do want water with me. I don't find it easy to get water in a city.

I have a vest that carries my camera. I have a passport case which has enough space for my passport, boarding pass, phone, a few dollars and a credit card that I wear around my neck. And on my last trip I had a coat with multiple zippered pockets, and when I went through security and they didn't tell me to take the coat off, they found all kinds of stuff in my coat pockets - a camera battery and a flashlight among other things.

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4. Posted by Teoni (Travel Guru 1524 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I don't find many that lug around a suitcase when exploring a city So I am not sure why someone would want half a suitcase of items to fit into their pockets. I will carry at most 5 items and none are particularly big or bulky, two or three of those items if I really wanted I could comfortably fit into the pockets I already have,I just happen to prefer using a small bag;)

5. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 2291 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Sorry but I'm really not sure about the usefulness of your garment, which I imagine to be something like a fishing vest or carpenter's belt.

Do people actually visit a city with suitcase or large bag in tow, whether traveller or not, other than on their way to or from their accomm, the airport, the railway/bus station? Have you researched that aspect?

Can any garment prevent pickpocketing more than zipped/velcro-ed internal pockets and/or hidden pockets?

I'm female. When I'm visiting a city, whether here in the UK or abroad, I have cards & most cash in a 'safety pocket' (which I've made myself) underneath my clothes. I keep a very small amount of cash (& my Oyster in London) in my jeans pocket and my phone in an internal jacket pocket.

I only carry water when it's hot (very rare in UK cities!) or where I know getting a drink will be difficult for some reason.

To be honest, I really don't want to carry my camera, my book (I'm rarely without a book) and possibly water in any sort of garment. They would make said garment heavy, bulky and unwieldy. I don't want to wear an extra garment if it's hot and, if it's cold, I don't want the bulk of an extra garment under my other layers. I'd much rather use a small daypack or bag for those items.....so I do. :-)

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6. Posted by ToonSarah (Travel Guru 1377 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I agree with those above who would find such a garment bulky and awkward to wear, and also unnecessary. I would add that I don't want to be constrained to wearing a particular garment all the time. I like to vary what I wear, even on holiday - even though I may only have a few outfits with me as I like to travel fairly light. And I dress according to the weather. Your garment may be too hot in warm weather and when it's cold I might have to put a coat over it, making access to items fiddly. No, I'll stick to carrying a bag with all my essentials thank you :)

7. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 1037 posts) 2y 1 Star this if you like it!

Quoting Perdi.digby

I am designing and creating a garment that will lessen the hassle when traveling round the world and round the U.K, especially in cities.
I have identified problems that, in my opinion, would greatly reduce the hassle of traveling,

I think you've identified an imaginary problem.

8. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1921 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Actually there is a great problem with women's clothing in that there are often no pockets. I have a great deal of trouble finding dresses and skirts with pockets (trousers not so much, but I almost never wear them except to work out). Designers seem to assume that women will carry a purse. But if a woman is wearing shorts or jeans she will want someplace to put her phone, and if it is in her back pocket, not only will she be apt to sit on it, but it will often fall in the toilet. This is an accident that happens quite often to women, which maybe is why the new iPhones are waterproof. (Men don't need to sit on the toilet as often as women) If I am around home and not traveling, maybe all I want is a place for my keys and a credit card or some money. Men are well supplied with pockets for such items. Women not so much.

Purses are a PITA and are easily stolen and pick-pocketted.

So it is overkill to say that we need an item of clothing which allows us to carry all our stuff when traveling without a suitcase. But designing something for women which has reasonably usable pockets (that things don't fall out of) and don't make bulges in the outline is not a trivial project.

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9. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 1722 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

All of my slacks have pockets and I don't like to use them. Metal objects ruin the pocket linings and all of it is annoying bouncing around. Back pockets are useless if you ever sit down. I'll stick with my over-the-shoulder bag that I wear with the strap across my body. Never had a problem with theft or pickpockets. If the shoulder strap is across your body, it's almost impossible to steal it and if you keep it closed, pickpockets usually don't want to bother with it either.

You will never please everyone so don't try. Just decide who your market is and design for them.

10. Posted by slimwhyte (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

In my own opinion and experience this is a wonderful idea, having everything I need close to me at all times is better than moving around with a backpack which can be snatched at a moments notice and would also provide the ability to move around with much more things than I would normally be able to. I guess that's why a regular soldiers uniform has so many pockets in the first place.

I would advise you make the pockets deep enough and also make provision to zip them as a means of protecting the content. The material should be tout but not necessarily heavy except your intended market is in a region where it is predominantly cold for the best part of the year.

I hope this turns out well.