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Hi guys, I will be travelling solo by the mid of december between 17 december and 21 december 2019. I want to know if there is a place that I must see while travelling alone to Kyoto. If does, give some suggestion on it. Thanks!

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Kyoto is the city of temples. With more than 1,000 temples and shrines there's enough for you to see. My absolute favourite was Fushiri Inami Shrine which unfortunately gets terribly full at every time of the day. So try to be there early (i.e. before or at about 8 am).

Something you can skip is the Arashiyama bamboo forest. It's not really special and terribly overcrowded. If you leave the main path at Fushiri Inami you can also see a bamboo forest which will be pretty much empty.

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For December, I'd recommend as follows;

1) Winter illumination at Arashiyama if you are not arriving too late on 17th. (Illumination will be held until 17th evening.)

2) Another Winter illumination at headquarter of RoHM.

3) Shimai Kobo market at To-ji temple on 21st. Toji temple has temple markets on 21st of every month and the one held in December is called "Shimai Kobo" which means the final Kobo market of the year and they well traditional goods for new year preparation.

And it's not the seasonal recommendation, I'd also recommend you go enjoy young local's culture as it's very unique. There's a nightclub called "METRO" at Jingu Marutamachi Station. I'd also recommend you to go for a bar hopping in Shijo Omiya area. There are many tiny bars which was renovated from old buildings from post war period and each bar has different character.

If you're tired from chaos from tourists area and need some tranquilty, I'd recommend you to visit Ohara too. It is famous for a temple "Sanzenin" (It has beautiful moss garden ) and this area is mountainous rural area located in outskirts of Kyoto. I have a friend who lives there and it was very beautiful. There was a small stream where kingfisher catches some fishes and small farmers market that sells local harvests.
The canteen serves the very best Oyakodon (stewed egg-chicken topped on rice) which I've ever tasted in my life. The eggs and chicken are also the local harvest in the area. You can get there by bus from Kyoto Station or Yase staton, which is the final stop of Eizan Train which departs from Demachiyanagi station, which is also an interesting place with very unique local shopping arcade.

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