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Hey everyone, this is a short questionaire about Albania - trying to test a small concept we want to carry out with our school:

- Would an adventure trip, combined with culturally significant elements, be feasable in Albania? So yes, what are your preferences?
- How much are you willing to spend on an adventure trip? (Included travel cost to and in the country)
- If you go to Albania, what is your preferred mode of transport?
- How long does a decent trip take in Albania?
- What regions are preferable to visit when in Albania?
- Do you have any further tips on an adventurous trip to Albania?

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Please communicate to your teacher that if they send their entire class to post questions online, that the people who those questions will be asked of, will notice, and be annoyed, particularly if it's for a relative niche concept where all students will independently end up on the same forum.

This is something your teacher should take into account beforehand, so they can give clear guidelines to you on not pretending to be something you're not, and ideally set up a dedicated thread beforehand to contain all your questions, so that the people who're interested in helping all of you, can do so, while the people who don't want to be bothered, don't have to wade through many threads on the same subject.

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