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1. Posted by TourismStudent (First Time Poster 1 posts) 48w Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone,

I was planning on a trip to Albania in the near future, but I am not too sure if what I've planned is feasible. So my question: is there anyone who is a seasoned traveller or expert on travel in Albania? If so, would it be possible to contact you? - please leave your contact info behind in the reply below.
Thank you in advance!

2. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 1723 posts) 48w Star this if you like it!

It's against the forum rules to post personal contact details. If you wish to enter into dialogue away from the forums, please do so via our messaging facility where you can swap contact details privately if you wish.

But you could list your itinerary and questions on here.

That's if you're actually planning to travel - I say this because there's a similar query held up by our spam filtering at the moment, from who could be one of your classmates, asking to conduct a survey about theoretical tours to Albania. Sounds like too much of a coincidence for both to come along at once. Please read our forum rules to see whether your query is allowed.

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3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5400 posts) 48w Star this if you like it!

As an addition to what Andy wrote:

Please communicate to your teacher that if they send their entire class to post questions online, that the people who those questions will be asked of, will notice, and be annoyed, particularly if it's for a relative niche concept where all students will independently end up on the same forum.

This is something your teacher should take into account beforehand, so they can give clear guidelines to you on not pretending to be something you're not, and ideally set up a dedicated thread beforehand to contain all your questions, so that the people who're interested in helping all of you, can do so, while the people who don't want to be bothered, don't have to wade through many threads on the same subject.

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