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1. Posted by JamieRymer (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

What stops people from going travelling? Everyday we are on social media seeing awesome destinations and thinking how much we'd rather be there but I was wondering why people don't just do it. What are the things stopping you?

Love to hear your take on it!

2. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 1037 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

The obvious answers are 'Time and Money', but there are lots of other reasons from Relationships, Kids, Family or Business commitments to the need to look longer term at your personal situation (get that qualification/extra year experience needed for your CV).

3. Posted by Borisborough (Moderator 1866 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

AndrewMack above is correct with the most obvious answers but it's quite ironic that you've joined a site dedicated to travel, whose members pretty much have travel in their blood, to ask why people don't travel. Don't you think you might be asking the wrong people?

4. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 2077 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

It is a strange question for a travel forum, but having just offered a granddaughter a trip to France and having it refused, I can offer a little insight. Some people (my granddaughter, my mother and her father) just don't like to travel. They are very happy where they are doing what they do and don't want to go someplace else. I fully respect that. There are other cases (my daughter-in-law) where people are afraid to fly or just don't feel comfortable flying so they will travel but not too far.

Then as mentioned above, there are a tremendous number of people who are spending all their time trying make ends meet and can't afford either the time or the money to travel. I've also discovered over the years that an amazing number of people think travel has to be a lot more expensive than it actually is. I've had friends tell me they could never afford to go to Europe and then spend more on a one-week trip to Las Vegas than we've spent on a month in Europe.

There are probably as many reasons for people to not travel as there are for people who do travel. Isn't it nice there are so many different kinds of people in the world?!

5. Posted by Teoni (Travel Guru 1894 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

It is a bit of a thing to be looking at social media complaining that others are living a better life than yours. I think those people aren't really interested in the activities of others but for some reason you are suppose to pretend you covet their lifestyle

I always noticed these people they could travel but they don't make it a priority preferring to spend their money and time on shopping sprees, the latest gadgets, nights out or weekends binge watching. If you enjoy it there is nothing wrong with these activities but it is like social media pressures people to want more and never be happy with your life:(.

6. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 2077 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Companies spend fortunes trying to convince people they "need" whatever it is that company makes. They are all over television, facebook, radio, magazines, billboards, the Internet trying to make you feel they are a necessity. Then there are the ones who tell you "You deserve a break today," or "You're worth it" and people are overwhelmed by all this. That and the mad desire to get something for nothing that propels all the lotteries into a mad frenzy with great regularity. It's amazing that anyone resists. I get so tired of things being sold to me constantly and usually loudly. It is pressure and many folks are too tired to resist.

Just getting anyone to save for a trip is difficult. They want it right now. I used to figure out how much I needed for a trip and then figure out how many weeks/months until I could go. I would divide the amount by the time and save that amount every week (or month) and when trip time came, I had the money. That takes a bit of patience but it works for anything. It's amazing what you can do if you are willing to wait a while. :)

7. Posted by Cottonwood (Respected Member 658 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

To be honest, I have had a couple hic ups in my personal life just recently that made traveling take a back seat till I get "those problems" solved. I am going to Hawaii for a week in November, but in about a year and a half will be planning my next big trip. Not sure what part of the world yet, but it all depends on what I can afford and what part of the world is not being ripped apart by Hurricanes, typhoons or war.

8. Posted by JamieRymer (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Thanks everyone for the insight and outlook on travel, it's really interesting. I don't find ironic as each individual has their own struggles and differentiating experiences so good to see how people's perspectives are. I appreciate everyone's input and hope you all enjoy any upcoming trips!

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10. Posted by MilesTX (Budding Member 40 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Some people have dependents (elderly parents, disabled children, pets, farm animals) that need close attention. For those people, preparing to leave on vacation would be a very difficult process and they would likely worry while they were away. So, for them it's much easier to stay home.