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On a more serious note, medical issues. I have a friend that's diabetic and due to insulin quality in many countries, or lack of knowledge about it, he's limited to short trips to countries with relatively good health care systems (that would know how to deal with his condition in the event of an emergency) and not long term backpacking due to health concerns. Another one has issues with his ears that means he's in excruciating pain for the full duration of a flight, and often days afterwards. So he limits himself to overland travel only, which means longer distances aren't really an option.

When travelling around Tasmania I met a man who travelled from Poland to Canberra to visit his brother who was living there. He was told me he had wanted his son to meet his uncle but he had such bad plane sickness that he threw up all through the flight from Warsaw to London. The airline would not allow his son to continue on the next leg of the flight because of this sickness so he ended up having to travel back to Poland, though via the roads this time;)

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I think Time is main reason that make people avoid travelling. Life's becoming hectic each day working day & night makes people forgot to enjoy it's beauty. For Travelling I don't find "money" a constraint, as u can go traveling to place in your budget and explore beauty of the place.

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may be expression their travel destinations is more easier than packing their bags and visit theirs.

Traveling do take time and money. Some trips may cause expenses a lot.

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What stops people from going travelling?

A 240 KG person sitting on me and pinning me down would definitely stop me from travelling.

I really laugh at this response!
Seriously, I can travel with kids but pets are not allowed to fly with us.
So I need the availability of a kind neighbor if they can temporary adopt pets.

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Bob has 4 feral cats, so I sometimes travel without him. But when he comes with me we have a 'cat lady' who really loves one of our cats and will come and sit with them and brush them and feed them and clean out the cat boxes. I think he agreed to come on this next trip because I suggested that she might need the money that we pay her.

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"What stops people from traveling?"

There are medical problems that could keep someone from flying. In my case blood clots that came up from an old injury that was aggravated by a fall many years later.

I had an odd pain (but not one of my normal old age pains ) come up. Usually I ignore most pains BUT I had this one looked into. It turned out to be a blood clot that had moved a bit from an old leg injury and was cautioned not to fly. Ended up sticking myself with Lovenox every day for a while and had to get a INR test every couple weeks.

This was a Thursday or Friday with long flight to Asia scheduled for Monday. (Was using frequent flier miles for a free flight so I did not lose any money and the airline just moved the miles back to my account.) Flying could have been fatal! And an inconvenience for other passengers if the plane had to be diverted.

Okay now.


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You are preaching to the choir here. Obviously the people here are not being prevented. At least I'm still traveling and I think most of us here are.

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Mostly it`s the budget issue :/