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11. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I just realised something . .. . . . . in case any of you were confused, in #6 I didn't mean to send your friends and family gifts of duct tape! Just use it to keep the box shut or the address label on! Reading back it seems kind of sketchy . .. .

12. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey Steph,

Starting with your #11 - Wow!!!

That meaning to your original post never actually occured to me, but thats just brilliant. Sheer genius of an idea. I'm going to get some asap and carry it with me to use as presents to send home (and i'm actually being serious). That is just sheer class. Many thanks!

And i couldn't possibly comment about the SM meaning....

Will have a think about further Duct tape ideas and let you know

13. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I'm laughing so hard that tears are coming to my eyes!!! I could just imagine the looks on their faces when they open your gift!

14. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Well send me your address and when you receive a package from this side of the pond, open it in front of the mirror and you'll see the look

I tend to do random things like that for no aparent reason. You don't want to know the reaction of a mate who was dragged out of bed early one morning to sign for a an unknown package from me without remembering that 3 nights earlier in a drunken phone call he'd asked me to send him a kebab....

Your duct tape wallet idea has got me thinking though, and i'm now seriously planning on purchasing a huge pile of duct tape and making a rucksack to use on one of my next trips. Will put a photo up when complete.

15. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

It's funny you should mention a duct tape rucksack . .. I had a roomate in college who planned to do that, but she didn't quite get around to it . . . I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

16. Posted by nieck (Full Member 24 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hi there,

over here (germany) we have tons of products similar to duct tape (own brand though and also very established in society). but NONE of them, and this is very disappointing to me, does it like duct tape :(
those kind of tapes are good for all kinds of stuff, and it seems to me for any kind of use we have a different tape... but hevy duty - no way... no one has come across that idea yet.
when i lived in the US (well TX, but by law this is a state of the US, i guess ;)) as an exchange student i was given the opportunity to experience the all so powerful greatness of duct tape. the mother of a friend of mine even makes her parents (living in the US) ship that stuff over the pond whenever her reserves are running low.
if i had money i'd start a huge import campain plus lots of ads to make the people here be aware that there's something out there that can be used for just everything. i bet given enough time and duct tape you could even build a frickin house out of that stuff.
well, one thing is for sure: if i come back to the US this summer and leave to head home i will at least take a duffle bag full of duct tape.

i guess thats what i have to comment on duct tape. great ideas i might be able to add this fall
greetz from hamburg, nils

17. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

A duct tape house?? Now that gives me an idea... Nils - if you fancy a beer next time i'm passing through Hamburg with a bit of spare time, let me know. Me thinks you may have the start of something brilliant there.

18. Posted by peeps (Full Member 114 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

i thought of one!
you can use it to tape up a washing line where you might not always be able to hook it or tie it to something.:)

19. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Duct Tape! Sorry I didn't get in on this one sooner. When you're camping or whenever you can use duct tape for some make shift twine/rope. for a clothes line or what have you.
1. Have someone hold one end of the tape.
2. As you unroll it twist it around and around.
3. Do this with several lengths if needed and braid them together.

I have done this for clothes line, a rain fly, a lanyard for my canoe, so on and so on...

20. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I say this in all seriousness. You can use duct tape to fix your car too.

It will patch a hole in the radiator, hold on a quarterpanel, or the most often seen one in Hoboken NJ. It will hold your rearview mirrors in place when they get knocked off.
It works ok as a thread locker for tires and such. Pull off a very thin strip of it, put it in the nut sticky side to the threading and then screw the nut onto the bolt. Your lugs will never loosen then.

Another note about duct tape is it doesn't need to take up a ton of space in your pack... Grab a roll of duct tape and a pencil, pen or any other similar object. Take the end of the tape and wrap it around the pencil once, then just spin the pencil around a bunch of times, then you have yourself a nice compact roll of tape.

The space saving thing just might tip the scales in favor of this beloved North American icon.

Last thing... promise. There is a book. 1,001 uses for duct tape and I think there is another 1,001 more uses for duct tape for more inspiration on the subject.