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Last month I experienced flight delay because of some Extraordinary circumstances. Anyone can guide me here on this topic? I want to know that am I eligible for compensation or not?

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It's impossible to give any advice on this unless you offer far more detail than you have already. What is your nationality? What airline were you flying with? Between which cities? How long was the delay? What were the "extraordinary circumstances"? What steps did the airline take to compensate you at the time?

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If you were flying on an EU-based airline or on a non-EU airline departing from an EU airport, you are covered by EU air passenger rights. These rights cover the 28 countries which are presently in the EU.

There is more detail on this official page:

Passenger rights vary in non-EU European countries. For example, Switzerland offers same rights as the EU but excludes flights returning from EU countries, Iceland & Norway.

Thus, unless your flight was departing from and EU airport or was with an EU airline, it's impossible to say what your rights might be without knowing more details of flight, airline and circumstances. This official site gives a generalised overview of non-EU rights:

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For EU there are companies who (for a % of the compensation, no cure no pay) can represent you in a legal act to get compensation if eligible. But I would Always start with a letter to the airline first.