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I think it's kinda risky because cats are not travel friendly, if they get irritated then they can start bitting or shreding your skin with claws like a knife....ooohhh i just imagine that kind of stuff right now.

Yes, get a kennel for travel with cats... The other thing they do is to start climbing on you and can get in the way of the brake or other important controls.

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We have always had cats and I always just took them to the vet in the car without any kind of cage. It usually wasn't a problem. Then I had a cat who broke his leg and the veg put it in a cast and asked me to come back with him in 2 weeks. So I did.

Then on the way home, the cat went under the front seat of the car (which was a 1964 Plymouth Valiant with a bench seat) and he was making a real racket under there. When I got home I found that he had tried to crawl over the hump and had got a spring down into the top of his cast. He couldn't go forward, and he couldn't go backward. Bob had to take the seat out of the car to free him, and he had partially pulled the cast off. THe vet said just to take it the rest of the way off.

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