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Hi all. New to the forum. I'm looking to plan a trip for next year....thinking of 6 - 9 months. being frightfully irresponsible and going to jack my job in and go :)

I have a list of places I'd like to see but need to do more research on the best way to fit them all in.

I'd be going solo, being in my early 30's all my friends bar me are getting married and having babies. I'm here for ideas, advice and potentially travelling companions.

So if there's anyone else out there with a yearning to get away and no idea what you're doing with your life....give me a shout!

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Hi Rachel and welcome aboard.

If you're jacking in the job for it, make it worthwhile - save up lots (maybe delay going to save up more) and potentially allow yourself more than 6-9 months if you're enjoying it.

Equally, don't rush it, this likely won't be your last trip, you don't need to see every place during this trip.

Where's on the list so far?

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Hi Andy, thanks for the welcome!

I've got about 8k (GBP) saved so far, I wouldn't even know how to make that last longer than 9 months? Perhaps I do need more? I've not booked flights yet but have about 50,000 air miles saved so I was hoping to use those towards the long-haul ones at least.

Oh the list.... I fear it might be too ambitious and will probably need to drop some places for one trip but here goes ;)

Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
Tokyo / Osaka
Great Barrier Reef
New Zealand

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I think you could do with more dosh, and fewer countries. :)

To travel for 6 months on 8k is £44 a day. That's doable in south east Asia but not going to work in Oz, NZ, Japan, Israel, etc. And it's a tightly disciplined budget even in cheap countries.

And it's giving you on average ten days per country. Depending on what you want to do and see that's a bit quick, some people would take that long in a city.

Are your air miles good with a particular airline alliance? Do you use that as your starting point for the destinations that would fit together?

For budgeting, I'd suggest you look up prices in a destination eg hotels or hostels, transport prices, food costs, to figure your typical daily costs. So accommodation, transport, food, activities, drinking, souvenirs. And any fixed costs for the trip like gear and insurance taken off the top first. Drinking and activities are the ones that tend to trip you up.

5. Posted by rheezie (Budding Member 6 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

When you put it that way.... I am definitely being too ambitious :)

I think you’re right and I need to limit my list. I think SE Asia is where I want to see the most. Air miles are with Virgin, I do need to look into if they are transferable to their partners.

I have a pretty good European house sitting profile so was thinking of looking in those destinations as a way to save some money and maybe even dictate the course of the trip.

I just don’t even know how I’d do a decent amount of time away without quitting my job. I do work from home which is why I am able to travel in Europe frequently, as long as I’m on roughly the same time zone as my NL colleagues it’s worked quite well so far.

I’m not sure how keen they’d be on letting me do it from further afield and I’m not sure on the visa requirements for any of that.

Back to the drawing board :(

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Before you quit your job, check to see if (1) they will let you work from wherever you are or (2) they will give you an unpaid leave. I used the unpaid leave a few times. It works better when things are a bit slow.

Good luck and enjoy the break.

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So it seems you can use the miles with their alliance partners:


I think the weak point among that lot could be lack of routes across the pacific to South America.

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Different countries means different visa requirements.

Yes, not all of the countries have the same cost of living for a tourist.

For a start Southeast Asia will give you more "stuff" for the same amount of money. Also when flying is required there are quite a few discount airlines available.

Perhaps don't travel so long all at one time. If you have the type job you could return home after doing some of your traveling overseas.

Do the countries on your list that you can lump together. Then return home. Maybe NZ, Australia, Great Barrier Reef as one chunk. South America as another chunk. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong on one trip.

Do the cheapest places first - for me that would Southeast Asia. Use this area as a test to see how well you do. (Or how low you will go to stretch your money!)

Check visa requirements for each country. Normal stuff you have to work out is how to safely have access to spending money. Always have more than on source of spending money. Don't rely on a single debit card for spending. (You can lose a single card, damage it so it does not work in ATMs or someone you trust steals it!) Many of the cheaper countries you use cash for local cheap purchases and not flash plastic all the time. Consider some kind of travel insurance in case of accidents or sickness requiring hospital or doctor's care. Have more than one credit card for other emergencies that come up and purchasing flights.

Very ambitious.

Good luck.

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Hi, most countries aren't worried about you working on-line if it's an overseas business and you're paid into an overseas bank in an overseas currency (not in their country/bank/currency).
However that's not something to shout to the authorities about either.

Although there are some S.E.Asian countries with awesome wifi, there are some sizable uncovered areas even in the best countries. So that could have be a real problem if you need to be available at set times. It's also why travelling freelancers are more likely than travelling regular 9-5'ers.

IMO Asia is the cheapest and easiest area to travel.
You don't mention India (which is very cheap and an amazing place ...but you do mention Indonesia twice... ).

Your budget will be effected notably by the season you're visiting certain countries.
Generally S.E Asia high season is Dec-Jan and accommodation can get expensive (by usual standards) and difficult to find in the best areas (but usually available a bit further from 'the action').

It'll also be effected by the standard of accommodation you want.
The Hilton is expensive everywhere, although there are some 5-star hotels that are extremely good value for their price.
Whereas there are many really nice, clean basic hotels available for under £20 a night (occasionally for under £10!).

It'll also be effected by the way in which you intend to travel around.
Public transport in Asia is ridiculously cheap but you need to be in the right frame of mind to use it.
It can be frustrating if you're not happy with your own company and able to lose a few hours on a train/bus with a book (or whatever).
Having said that, it can also be by far the most interesting and entertaining way to travel whilst seeing the real daily lives of the local people.

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