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1. Posted by Skandinavisk (Full Member 42 posts) 5y 3 Star this if you like it!

Annual European Meetup

There is such a thing called Euromeet. It’s an annual affair started by (hereby just called VT), but open for everyone who wants to participate. The next meeting will be held in Plovdiv in Bulgaria from 31 may to 2 June, and is organized by a friend of mine, who calls himself IvanIvanovich Ivanov on FB and Travellerspoint. That is not his real name; his real name is John Gayton.

We are trying to keep these meetings alive, even if VT no longer exists. Mostly because we like to meet likeminded people, and new and old friends. Everyone from Travellerspoint is of course more than welcome.

You can find more information on the facebook group mentioned bellow, as well as the voting pages (also mentioned below). The facebook group is closed. You will have to join up, and be approved by one of the administrators, but it usually does not take long.

Also, you should be aware of what we call Post or Pre Euromeets. It’s usually a former VT-member that decides to do something before or after the Euromeet itself. This time, Valentina has decided to host a postmeet in Plovdiv on 3-4 June. I’ve also included the link to that meeting.
The group where we now post all our Euromeets:
The Euromeet in 2019
Post Euromeet
The voting pages

As a precaution I’m pasting the Euromeet text here, followed by the Post-meet text.

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VT Euromeet Plovdiv 2019
Hi all. Welcome to my draft itinerary for our 2019 Euromeet in the European Capital Of Culture city of Plovdiv.
I want to keep everything very simple and so will only be arranging 3 dinners and 2 activities. There will be another couple of optional suggestions which fit in with these.
At the moment this is just a draft and so I’d welcome any feedback or further suggestions. I intend to get back to Plovdiv in January/February and finalise things then, along with prices. In the meantime I’m posting the meet here without too many details just to get an idea of the rough numbers.
For all 3 dinners I reckon we should eat Bulgarian-style - a meze of starters and main courses (there will be plenty of vegetarian bits) and so no need to choose in advance. If anyone wants desserts they can order those themselves.
Dinner #1 Friday 31st May.
Hotel Leipzig, Russki Boulevard. I’ve chosen this for the 1st dinner since it is cosmopolitan and a good introduction to Bulgarian eating. If available I’ll book the LGarden room.
Dinner #2 Saturday 1st June
Smokini, Otets Paisiy. I’ve enjoyed dinner here before, when it was called Chuchura, and it looks even better now. Great location in the centre, on the street running parallel to the main pedestrian boulevard. The courtyard terrace looks the best option.
Dinner #3 Sunday 2nd June
Stariyat Plovdiv, Jolio Curie. I love the location of this one, in the heart of the vibrant Kapana district. The rooftop garden looks ideal for us and before dining I reckon we should meet up a little earlier and I’ve give you a little tour of the Kapana (The Trap).
You can, of course do your own research into these but I refuse, point-blank, to refer anyone to ShitAdvisor.
Activity #1 Guided Tour of Plovdiv and its Old Town. Saturday 1st June 10am to 1pm.
I did originally consider doing this myself but on second thoughts I’m going to ask if the Tourist Office will give us a guide. I’m going to suggest starting in the city centre, probably at the Post Office and meander from there into the Old Town with its fascinating Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. Maybe a wander up the top of Nebet Tepe for great views across the city. The Old Town is where the Roman Amphitheatre is and so I’ll add that as an optional extra for those interested.
Activity #2 Buchkovo Monastery. Sunday 2nd June 10am to 3pm.
The Buchkovo Monastery is the 2nd largest in Bulgaria (Rila being the first) and is located about 30 km out of the city. I’ll hire a bus to get us there and back. It might be an idea to take a picnic lunch.
Avraham has kindly offered his services as a guide for which I’d be more than grateful.
In addition to these couple of activities you might want to consider doing your own things. The Capital of Culture group are running a couple of things that weekend. There’s the “Move Week” for those who feel like joining in physical activities around the various parks. With the 1st of June being Bulgaria’s National Children’s Day and there will be lots happening around the city, including a “Children City” at Youth Hill, where local youngsters create their own mini city using recycled materials. There’s also the “Plovdiv Kavarna” - a travelling extravaganza of theatre, dance, music and other arty stuff.
There will be other Plovdiv 2019 events which are being organised on an ad hoc basis and a monthly programme will be published closer to the time.
OK that’s all for just now. Hope this whets your various appetites. Over the coming weeks I’ll add some information regarding hotels, transportation and other practicalities. Looking forward to catching up with you all.

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For completion sake I've added Valentinas post-meet as well

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After chat with John ( IvanIvanovich Ivanov) 
I am going ahead and I am putting two days post meet Mon/Tue for the surrounding area.
I have being coming in this particular area Plovdiv/Asenovgrad/Stara Zagora/Rodopi Mountains for years now and know the area pretty well.
If you fancy getting together and explore for couple of days let me know.
I was planning to stay and have look see anyway so the more the merrier.

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2. Posted by ToonSarah (Travel Guru 1388 posts) 5y 1 Star this if you like it!

Great stuff Jon! Just to add, although it's not a formal pre-meet, some of us plan to get together in Sofia for a day or two before the main meet and travel together by train to Plovdiv :)

3. Posted by IvanIvanovich (Budding Member 14 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Everything is under way. I'm planning to visit Plovdiv in February to sort all the details, pay deposits for things and etc. I'll update here and on FB then. It looks like it'll be a great meet.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 7235 posts) 5y 2 Star this if you like it!

I stickied the thread and featured it on the home page as well. Hopefully it helps.

5. Posted by ToonSarah (Travel Guru 1388 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Peter

I stickied the thread and featured it on the home page as well. Hopefully it helps.

Thanks Peter :)

6. Posted by Skandinavisk (Full Member 42 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Peter

I stickied the thread and featured it on the home page as well. Hopefully it helps.

Thank you Peter

7. Posted by IvanIvanovich (Budding Member 14 posts) 5y 1 Star this if you like it!

I'm planning to visit Plovdiv early February to make bookings, put down deposits and firm everything up then. Watch this space and the FB meet page -

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9. Posted by IvanIvanovich (Budding Member 14 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Booked flights and hotel for first week in Feb to sort things and pay deposits. Watch this page and the FB page -

10. Posted by traveldoc1984 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Just requested to join FB group :-) Last name Green.

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