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1. Posted by ToddP (Moderator 224 posts) 45w Star this if you like it!


COUNTRIES VISITED section within the TRAVEL STATS part.

May I ask you what country list is used as within the full list of visited countries it does display places like (1) Isle of Man, (2) Hong Kong which are not an independent states. Because of this the full stats (ie total visited country list) is also impacted.


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Hello Todd - there are 193 UN countries in the world plus the two Observer countries, The Vatican and the Palestinian Territories. Some count Kosovo as the 196th but that doesn't have official UN status. Then there are another 70 countries which, while not being necessarily totally independent, are still classed as a country. These usually have their own elected parliament and include Scotland (also part of the UK), the Isle of Man (not part of the UK but a dependent territory of the UK), Aland Islands, Taiwan, French Polynesia, Hong Kong and others. This list of 266 countries looks like the one Travellerspoint is using.

There are websites around which will give you a number listing for each of the different categories of country if you really want - just UN (195), UN+ (266), the Travellers Century Club list (325) and others.

3. Posted by ToddP (Moderator 224 posts) 45w Star this if you like it!

Thank you kindly for the clarification...