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Travellerspoint provides this forum for genuine travellers to connect with each other on their trips. We encourage a friendly, welcoming experience on the forums and this should extend to your request.

There are a few things to be aware of when creating your travel companion request.

1. Be specific in your subject. Add your location and some dates for when you plan to travel.

Bad: "I need a companion"
Good: "Looking for backpacking companions for Australia, June 2019"

2. Don't share your personal contact details. This is against our forum rules, but also generally a bad idea as it will mean your email address is out in the open and spam bots will pick up on it.

3. Speaking of forum rules, please read them if you haven't already

4. No "Male seeks female" posts please. I'm sure there are some legitimate reasons, but 99% of the time these are just sleazy. Travellerspoint is not a place to pick up. If you have a real genuine reason as a male to seek a female companion, you'll need to explain it very well in your thread.

5. Finally, if you do find someone to travel with through Travellerspoint, please make plans to meet with caution. It's always advisable to meet each other in a public place first. Meeting people from online in real life can be a huge amount of fun and we absolutely encourage it. But please do use common sense.

With all that in mind, go ahead and start your search for a travel companion.

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