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I'm going for a trip from Europe to USA. I want to spend few days in Toronto so I decided to book a flight from NYC to Toronto. It will be more expensive than by train but faster. We will be at JFK at 11 pm (flight from Europe),flight to Toronto will be at 7 am next morning. Do you know it is possible, to stay whole night at JFK? Are there any restaurants/bars open 24/7? I dont want to take subway at night to Manhattan, staying at airport in night seems to be safer 🙂 I checked that probably my first plane from Europe land in Terminal 7 (I'll be there at 11 pm). I know that I can take hotel but I dont need to sleep that night, I prefer drink coffee and wait for my morning flight 🙂 Will it be maybe Donkin Donuts or Starbucks open 24/7? I read old posts that Terminal 4 is open all night but is it still true?

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Check this pretty reliable site for info:

You can get from terminal to terminal using the Air Train, free within the airport area and operating 24 hours a day:

The page below tells you what shops/restaurants etc are at each terminal but doesn't give opening hours. There are far fewer places to eat & drink before security than after. I suspect the majority close for a few hours between midnight and 5am or so, though the first site I linked suggests T4 has 24-hour eating places (almost certainly post-security).

You won't be landside at T7 until at least midnight. If you have no bags to check for your flight to Toronto (or your bags are automatically transferred on arrival at T7) and you're happy to be stuck inside you could go straight through T4 security and try to find yourselves a decent spot to spend the rest of the night. If you have bags to check then you'll be stuck in the pre-security area of T4 until bag-check opens at 4/5am ish

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When I know that I will have a long layover I pack a sandwich or two. For me something that won't spoil, since I like peanut butter I have a couple P&J sandwiches. And some other simple snacks. For some trips I even have my own personal single cup coil immersion heater to heat up water for instant coffee. But I am a cheapskate by nature. Getting stuck at JFK a few times I remember finding some places still open. Airport workers also need a break from time to time.

You can find these "single cup coil immersion heater" things for only a few dollars US. You will need your own plastic cups. I have had one of these things with me when traveling for over 20 years. DO NOT remove coil from water when still plugged in or it will melt.) Photo below is only for an example - you can find these things cheaper in many places. (Try it out at home first if you buy one.)