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Hey everyone, I just moved to Sydney Australia 2 months ago. I’m planning on staying in Bondi for 6 months then going up the east cost over the course of 4 weeks. Then planning to do my farm work. I’ve gone to power line high voltage school and have worked in the distribution/transmission powerline sector for 2 years before moving here. I’ve been told a couple times that it’s possivle to get solar farming signed off as my 88 days to get my second year, is that true? If so, does anyone have any connections or could point me in the right direction. If not, what farming locations/types offer accommodation and/or food? I’m looking to spend my 3 months working really hard to save some cash. I don’t need to be in a party social environment.

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This page on the site of the Australian Department of Home Affairs describes the different fields of "specified work" that count for becoming eligible for a second year WHV (assuming that they're also done in "Regional Australia" (see the bottom of that page for a list of zipcodes)).

I can imagine that the work you describe falls under the "Construction" heading, for which that site links onward to this classification. If I do a search on that site for "solar", the closest I see would be Solar electricity generation, which falls under "Division D Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services", not under "Division E Construction" - so that would mean it doesn't count - but there might be some other qualifying category under construction which I didn't spot immediately. Good luck checking it all out, and let us know what answer you arrive at!

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It’s a question for backpackers looking for their second year farm work. It’s a form of construction yes, but it falls under the farming requirement for our visas. I want to see if anyone has any Information or contacts regarding this topic.