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I have got my visa for a working holiday in Australia.

Im aiming to go June 2019 but have no idea where to start! I am a solo traveller aged 23.

STA Travel have tried to get me to book the Contiki 'the big walkabout tour' but this is around £3000 which i could use to towards travelling myself in Australia.

Im just wanting advise and sort of a guide on where to start!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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It ultimately doesn't really matter where you start. Sydney tends to be the most common starting point, simply by virtue of being the largest international arrival hub in the country, but Melbourne, Perth and Cairns work just as well, though the number of fellow new arrivals will drop precipitously as you go down that list. (Which might be a pro or a con depending on your point of view.)

Sydney is easily the most expensive city to linger in (in an already expensive country). June is 'winter' down south, so not the nicest time of the year for Melbourne (if still way warmer than UK winters) - and the middle of the dry season up north, so generally a good time to be in Cairns. That doesn't necessarily mean you should "start" in Cairns, but that it might be worth booking an internal flight there after you've gotten your bearings somewhere else for a week or two.

If you have enough financial reserves to make it possible, I'd recommend taking at least two months to travel around first and really see a part of the country. Get a feel for the culture and what type of places appeal to you before settling down somewhere to work. Sydney and Melbourne are the obvious places for office work, but there's loads of medium sized cities that will give you a less backpacker-centric view of it all, and might be more to your liking. And obviously for farm work e.a. for your second year WHV, you'll have to go outside the cities, where it'll really pay to have swapped stories with fellow backpackers with firsthand experience.
(Make certain not to keep on travelling until your money runs out, though! It might take you a few weeks to find work, and then some more weeks to get your first pay! Also be aware that for lots of jobs, there's a big slowdown around the end of the year, with hiring only picking up again in January.)

As someone who did it all independently (way back when), I can only wholeheartedly applaud your skepticism to that tour which STA is pushing. You'll want to have the freedom to change your plans, to backtrack, or hop across the country, depending on local conditions and where your whim takes you.

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You got good advice from Sander.

STA are salesmen, they earn a living from selling you a tour and a flight. See if you can get the flight cheaper yourself - skycanner is my favourite starting point but others prefer google flights or kayak or others. And starting off with a tour may be fun but it costs. You could cover the same ground independently a lot cheaper, and if it's the people to do it with that's the draw I'd suggest you'll find plenty of those just by staying in hostels. With STA you're also paying an additional commission to them as reseller of the tour. If you really want a tour look to see if you can buy one direct any cheaper.

The other drawback I've found with tours is that they want to offer the best ticklist of places included, while making it cheap to deliver, so you're often rushed at sites to cram more into the day. Ends up knackering and you miss seeing some of the good stuff properly.

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If you are starting in June and want to work early on, I would recommend starting in the north! Cairns/Whitsundays etc.
I have lived in the Whitsundays for the last 9 years and winter is by far the best time to be in this part of Australia.
It is a nice temp during the day, Humpback Whales migrate north to give birth and it is the best weather sun wise.
So many working holiday visa holders spend the winter in Sydney or Melbourne, working in the cold and then travel the east coast north for summer, but that far north, the summer is Wet Season, so its hot humid and cyclone season. This is when tours will be cancelled due to the weather etc.
This is when I would make my way down the coast, heading south for summer or to NZ. Im from NZ and unless you are looking for Snow, Summer is the better time to go.

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