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I'm planning on travelling in India for all of next February and March, and would like to get some of your views on things which I must do while I'm there.

I'm currently planning on flying to Amritsa to see the Golden Temple, moving to Delhi, then Agra to see the Taj Mahal, Udaipur to see The Lake Palace, then Mumbai before going to Goa.

Are there any must have/see/do's for the places i'm going, or is there anything I have left out.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I think there are lots of other places that you'd enjoy in Rajistan. Between Delhi and Udaipur you pass through Jaipur (definitely stop there). I also really liked Jodhpur and Jaisalimer. The Jain temple at Ranakpur is also awesome.

Elsewhere: Varanasi (the Ganges), Khajuraho (the erotic temples), the Ajanta & Ellora Caves, and the Elephanta Caves are really cool (most of the caves are not far from Mumbai). I think there is a cheap flight you can get form Delhi-Agra-Khajuraho-Varanasi.

India's a great place and you're going at a nice time of the year.

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A great time of year to go.

The Golden Temple at Amritsar is just stunning. My favourite places in Rajasthan were Jaisalmer (stay at The Desert Boys at the back of the Fort and haggle) and Pushkar, both highlights that i will revisit. Just so you know, the lake in Udaipur (Dream Heaven is a good hostel) is DRY. They have not had decent rainfall there for a long time, you can walk across it, or get an elephant across(!), but it does not look good, and the faces on the hotel guests suggest that no-one is really advertising the fact that the lake is gone. If you do go, get an autorickshaw to the Monsoon Palace for sunset, the best thing to do in Udaipur by a stretch. And if you go to Goa, Palolem would be my tip, although Arambol gets the thumbs up from many travellers these days.


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I would recommend you of doing a camelsafari for a few days from Jaisalmer, its unreal. You sleep on sanddunes under the stars and are a witness of rural Rajasthani live (with all its colours) missed some really essential if you don't do this.

I arranged a 5 day camelsafari (you feel your ass though) for 400 rupees (10 USdollar) at the Anurag hotel in Jaisalmer (its not in lonely planet guide but I'd really recommend), ask for Nabab and Bilal. They arrange everything and are the best cooks. So, for 10 dollar everything is included (water, food and Nabab and Bilal (as cooks/guides/friends)). In the Anurag hotel you can stay for 50 rupees (1 Usdollar) and you will have a good room with bathroom.

After the trip I gave them 500 rupees as tip, they just deserved it!!!! I strongly recommend this to you...

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Yep, id second the Camel Safari idea. Its well worth doing, but 5 days!! Man, my ass was killing me on the second day and the novelty had gone! We left in the morning, went out all day, stayed in the dunes overnight around a campfire (musicians appeared from somewhere), and the next day visited some desert villages and went back to the Fort that evening. By this stage i was wrecked and if it had gone on for another day, i may have had bad memories of it. As it was, i loved it.

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WeeJoe, you are right!!! I still don't know how I did it, I walked like an old man who allready died several times after that 5 days....pfff . I was glad not sitting on that camel (or actually dromedary) 10 hours a day. It was more like 3 hours and taking a very big siesta form 11 am to 5 pm (I was in the Thar desert in mai, 45 degrees celsius.....). But still.......I liked 5 days and I was reloaded for again a few weeks of Indian chaotic city life......

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Wow. Cheers for the advice Guys.

I'll be sure to take in those places while on my travels. That Camel Safari sounds great!

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feb and march is a good time to visit india , specially rajasthan will chilly during the nights and not too warm in day time

do visit neemrana fort , 120kms from delhi , on the delhi-jaipur highway

its a massive fort on a small hill from where u get a gr8 view of the villages and plains.. a must visit.