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Hi there!

I am actually from Santiago, but I have never been to Chiloe before and I really want to go soon.

What are the best options to get there? We are planning to go for about 5 days max.

Any recommendations and advice will be much appreciated! :D

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Hola Eviaggi,
So great when you get to visit a magical destination in your own country (which we so rarely do as travelers!). I loved Chiloé - I went in 2012 though due to weather and time of year I only ended up basing myself in Castro and doing a couple day trips but I certainly want to go back. I am not the best person to talk to so hopefully you will get many more replies but if you don’t, feel free to PM me and I’ll go back and look at old travel notes! I do know it was easy to get to, if not a long trip. I was in Puerto Varas at the time and took a bus to Peurto Montt?? Which then had a direct local bus to the ferry drop off. Anyway let m know if you don’t get any great replies and I’ll pull out my memories! :).


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Hlo friends i am new form uk

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We did just a day trip to Chiloe when in Chile a couple of years ago. You can read about in my blog if interested:

You will have much more time to explore than we did, which is good. We had very poor weather which impacted on what we could see, so with more days you should be able to work around that. We had hoped to go out to see the penguins at Puñihuil, but the fog meant that all boats were beached.

Things we did see that I especially liked were:
The market at Ancud - very photogenic
The Centro de Visitantes Inmaculada Concepción in Ancud, which is great for background on the churches
And of course the churches themselves, although if you read my blog you'll see that we were a bit frustrated by erratic closures - again, having several days will mean you can revisit at a different time if you find a door locked. And do ask around the villages - we managed to secure a local woman with a key to let us into Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Gracia in Nercón who showed us around and gave us lots of interesting info.

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We spend a week in Chiloe last year, near Christmas 2017. We drove from Santiago to Chiloe but we had several weeks to do so. You only have 5 days and driving from Santiago would take to long. I would suggest you fly to Puerto Montt and either rent a car or take the bus from Puerto Montt to go to Chiloe. There is a Ferry to go to the island. Having a car is more practical if you want to tour the island. It is a big island and we stayed a 2 different locations. You can read and see what we did on our blog
We really enjoyed our week in Chiloe and it's a beautiful place which is worth a visit. I hope you get to go there.

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Visiting Chiloé is like entering a magical world blessed in nature and culture. It has an incredible architecture; churches that were built by the Spanish during the XVI century; all of great historical and cultural value.

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Hello Friends!

I am thrilled with everyone's help! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me, the blogs are amazing!

I have made notes about all of your recommendations and suggestions!

I am going in March, I really cannot wait!

Merry Christmas to everyone :)