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Hey all,

I'm planning 6 months of travelling from February - July. My rough timeline is as follows:

From Mid/early-February: New Zealand
March: New Zealand/China
April: China/Taiwan
May: Japan/Korea
June: Vietnam/Thailand
July: Vietnam/Thailand

A couple of questions...

The only thing I was going to book was my flights out to New Zealand and the Kiwi bus experience. The rest, I was just going to wing it and book as I go depending on who I meet and what plans I may want to meet. That means booking inter flights between countries last minute too. Is this generally a good idea? I am just worried that if I book all my flights I will end up regretting it if I want to stay longer/change my plans.

I only have £6.5k/$8k, which I will technically need to cover flights with - BUT my parents will generally be happy to lend me money and chip in here and there if I can show I'm being relatively sensible. So flexible to probably £7.5k/$9.5k. I'm aware that's probably not enough, which is why I've organised my travel plans in terms of 'must sees.' I want to at least get to Japan/Korea, and at that point, if I've run out of money and need to go home I won't be too devastated at skipping out on Vietnam. Would that much money last me 4 months quite happily?

Any tips or advice for must sees or routes? I am honestly completely flexible with countries, NZ isn't a must have it just seemed like a fun place to start, my top destinations are China, Korea and Japan. But I am aware Korea and Japan are hella expensive and not ideal for long-term travel.

I'm a solo female traveller, 22 : )

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I'd put Thailand and Vietnam as both the 2 best and cheapest places on your list...
More so than very expensive Japan and can be expensive Korea.

Have you looked into the Visa requirements for the countries you're intending to visit?
Have you checked the weather when you're intending to visit (when does the wet season start etc).

I wouldn't book all the flights as flying can be quite cheap with some of the budget airlines in that part of the world, however some countries require proof of onward travel (like an outbound flight reservation), so check which ones do.

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Depends of the route of course, but there are good few cheap options for bookings flights in Asia with their LCCs. Don't leave to the day of travel, but in my past experiences I've booked them week in advance when getting around and that did not break the bank...

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Hello from Japan! In my personal opinion, Japan is becoming a cheap country to travel if you are well prepared. At least it's much cheaper compared to Aus or EU. NZ may be much more expensive than Japan as well.

  • Has your date of travel been fixed already? If not, come after our holiday so called "Golden Week" from late Apr to first May. Especially for 2019, current Emperor will be retired in May and prince will take his part and we will have additional national holidays for this time. Everyone travels during that time of year so expect massive increase of hotel price and seats on bullet trains will be sold out by far in advance. Massive traffic congestion on toll roads occur as well. So avoid traveling this time of the year. Our holiday starts from 27/Apr and lasts until 6/May. Everyone goes back to work on 7th/May.
  • Rather than asking what is "a must-see", I'd recommend you to surf a bit online and pick what you want to see and where you want to go. In that way, it will be easier for people to help you building an itinerary. I've been to India 3 times but I have never been to Taj Mahal yet because it had never come to my top priority list even though it's the most famous sight for those who visit India. My must-see may not be your must-see or vice versa. And from my opinion, "must see" may eat up your budget as they are normally tourist attractions. Finding hidden gems or going off the beaten path could reduce your expense.
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Further to Andrew Mack's comment #2 above, New Zealand is definitely not a cheap destination either. But many travellers I have spoken to have told me that it is amongst their favourite. If you have the time, at least three weeks in the South Island and at least ten days in the North Island - and those really are minimums.
Enjoy your travels! :):)