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Hi everyone I want to ask about solo travel in turkey ? Is there anyone who already travel there please share your view

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I am interesting to go there

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Turkey is a most popular destination to hang out with friends & family.

I Visited Turkey over Christmas and new year enjoyed the new year 2019 in Istanbul.

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istanbul, antalya, izmir great cities for a city break in Turkey. If you decided to go to Istanbul make sure you have enough time to see the things.

Many travellers make a mistake of staying in Sultan Ahmet and hang around in Taksim square and they return to their country thinking they have seen Istanbul. The city is huge and the way the locals enjoy the city is certainly not to hang around in Taksim. Districts of Istanbul are diverse. for example

- Beyoglu - Nisantasi with Art nuvo buildings and cosmoplit life
- Uskudar- Beylerbeyi for 18th centry wooden houses and the feeling of fishing villages
- The princess islands for car free tranquil life
- in recent years Kadikoy became trendy with tons of bars and super busy over the weekend. Fenerbahce and famous Bagdat street are in Kadikoy District
- Fatih is for history and open air museum.

must does
Topkapi palace, Sunken Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum,Bosphourous boat ride ( it doesnt have to be fancy one, take the public transport), Taksim - Istiklal street, definitely cross the continent by boat, Kadikoy for a beer and see life in Istanbul.

dont use uber, it is banned by the court. users might get fined.
dont stay in Taksim or Sultan Ahmet too touristy. Look places in Kadikoy.
dont bother for sea food as seafood tent to be very expensive.
dont expect you can get everywhere quickly as the traffic is hurrandace
dont expect it is cheap. cost of living is high.

Is Istanbul safe? well yes, there might be petty crime but there are not major issues. if there is something bad, it is unsual and you hear it worldwide. dont talk to stranger. Crime rate is higher in the European side then the Asian side. I would be care in Taksim area after night.

i hope it helps

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Been in Turkey few times and did a little bit travelling around. No issue getting around (from city to city) and always felt safe. Very popular with tourists so plenty of like minded travelers around you. Much cheaper than the West of Europe for sure.

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