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Yo whatup ✌🏼,
with tears in my eyes i realized the old storys about a mytical Goa aint nothin but storys yet... but where i can find locations and citys with‘em old flower power feelings in West-india, Nepal, Vietnam, indonesia?
My travel starts in october19 in india ... but where to go... i really wants to begin my journey with colouful beachparties in the moonlight, droppin acid sitting next to a bright shinin fire and stuff

Hope someone can gimme some nice tips
Peace out ✌🏼

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I was in a remote part of India recently and discovered that a meadow high in the mountains was the site of a rave. Unfortunately those who attended the rave trashed the place to the utter dismay of those who live there. Yes, there were tears in my eyes at the pain caused by those for which gimme, gimme, gimme is a constant refrain.

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Do you have any idea what happened to all those old hippies? It's not all it was cracked up to be. (pun intended)

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"wants to begin my journey with colouful beachparties in the moonlight, droppin acid sitting next to a bright shinin fire and stuff ..."


Things change with time. You may not get exactly what you want but have to settle for something less.

Thailand. Lots of younger tourists head or Koh Phangan to do things mommy and daddy would frown upon! Full moon parties, magic mushrooms, etc. (Drugs are illegal in many countries. Penalties can be severe and Asian jails are not pleasant places to visit.)


  • Warning! If you are female and pass out from dope or too much alcohol don't be surprised if when you recover you find a line of guys waiting to take their turn with your unconscious body! Some could be older "visitors" from nearby countries looking for opportunities!

Short visit to Bangkok can break you in for Thailand. Backpackers, flashpackers and begpackers along with ordinary tourists visit by the many millions each year. For you check out Khao San Road area, Bamglamphu, where many younger tourists on skimpy budgets go for accommodation and etc.


Many years ago Freak Street Katmandu used to be popular. Now kind of dead and maybe the earthquake didn't help any. Thamel is worth a look in a tourist type way.

You do have to research various visa entry requirements. You must make a budget out so you have an idea of how much per day you have for living expenses after paying for your connecting flights. You have to figure out how to safeguard your money especially if sharing living quarters. (Don't travel with a single debit card because you could lose it, you could have it stolen or even damage it so it does not work. Tourists do get hurt on overseas trips. Some health/hospital/doctor type insurance could be helpful.)

A Google type search with a computer can be very informative.

Up to you!

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I gather the 'Hippie' bit of goa has just got smaller (at the very north of the beach)…
Lots of spirit dancing etc but very few old style hippies.
There are a few Hippie places in Kerala.
Most larger cities you'll be offered 'something' but you need to be very aware that the 'seller' may have his Police mate waiting round the corner to give you the 'fine or jail' options, with the fine meaning all the money you have and maybe a little more, which will curtail your travels immediately.

The problem is that now in most of Asia the police pension fund contributions required are much larger when drugs are involved. They have 'revellers' over a barrel when the worst case penalty is death and a best case option is a very nasty Asian prison. So there may be a place for this today but it may not be the same place next week...

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