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1. Posted by rcc16 (Budding Member 2 posts) 49w Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone! In about 2 weeks, I’ll be leaving to study abroad in Spain for a semester. I’ll only be gone for 3 months and 3 weeks but I’m starting to have mixed feelings. One day I’m happy & excited. But as I continue to think about it, I start to get really sad & nervous. I’ve been abroad before but it was during high school & I went with people I knew, and the trip was only a week long. Before you guys went abroad, did you experience mixed feelings? Is so, how did you overcome them? Thank you.

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This is a frequent and perfectly normal "illness" in the period before a trip. It is called travel fever. As soon as you are really on your way, the symptoms will drastically improve or even disappear altogether.

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You're going to a new place for a set time which you can't really change. Usually travelling if I don't like a place (which isn't often) then I can move on, whereas you can't. So of course you're nervous but in the grand scheme of things less than 4 months isn't actually long at all. You'll have the same feelings about leaving Spain as you'll have made some great friends, had some great experiences and have many tales to re-tell.
Whilst you also live in an age where you can keep in contact with friends and family at home via email, telephone and even skype. Imagine how us oldens felt when we couldn't afford to call home by landline and letters/postcards took weeks to be delivered...

You'll have a great time.

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Firstly, be reassured that having mixed feelings beforehand is 100% normal. All human beings have an innate fear of the known (for obvious reasons) and that's the root of those feelings.

How to overcome it? Simple. Accept that it's normal, understand that everyone feels that way to a greater or lesser degree (even if they lie about it), understand where those feelings stem from and know 100% that they are not going to stop your trip. Better a few days of mixed feelings than a lifetime of regret over a lost opportunity.

The same applies to homesickness, which you'll also feel at some point. Everyone feels homesickness to a greater or lesser degree and, put simply, its root is just the mind dealing with a complete change in your normal everyday life. That feeling too will pass. The best way to overcome it is to acknowledge its normality, understand its roots and know 100% that it will pass.

Keeping busy (mentally as well as physically) and allowing yourself minimal time to brood will speed up the passing of both feelings.

You're hugely privileged to have the chance of a semester abroad: billions never get the chance to travel at all. So grasp that opportunity with both hands, take advantage of everything it offers, be determined to grow and develop as a human being.... and have a brilliant time! :-)

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I'm one of those who never suffered homesickness. What did happen was after a long time away, I found it difficult to reintegrate back home. A great many of my friends went through this too. The first time it took several months to really feel like I belonged back at home. After that, there was a short period of adjustment, but nothing earth shattering. So . . . being nervous about going is normal, but getting a bit depressed upon returning home is equally normal so don't let it bother you. Just get back into a busy schedule and you'll be fine. I think it's the intensity of the experience and the great fun of meeting new friends with similar interests. BTW, these people will probably be friends for the rest of your life.

You'll have a wonderful time and truly would regret it if you passed on this opportunity. Enjoy!

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I already get these feelings when I'm booking the flights because then I feel I'm really committing to the trip. I find what helps is reminding myself that if it does all go to crap I can always go home;). At the end of the day you aren't locked up in Spain you do have the freedom to hop on a plane and turn right back.

Once you start the trip all those feelings will fall away. Maybe you will get a pang of homesickness but try to push through it because usually it is only temporary and mostly I find it is a reaction to something not turning out the way you had hoped.

If returning home you do get after trip blues my solution is to just start planning the next trip.

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7. Posted by rcc16 (Budding Member 2 posts) 48w Star this if you like it!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice! It really helps & I really appreciate it!

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I remember my first time. I was 17, traveling alone and did not speak any of the languages of the countries I was going to. I was from a very small town, so small we only had one stop light in the whole town. I had never been on a metro and all of the customs were going to be strange. I would be staying with others, but getting between places was going to be on my own. I cried all night before I left, scared. Had a great time.

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