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Hi, I am new to your forum. I am going to be traveling from Seattle to Tennessee and I desperately need advice on which hwy's to take. I have taken this trip twice in my life. I took hwy 90 then hwy 94 and it was smooth sailing. The second time I stayed on hwy 90 and when I hit Wyoming there were crazy high winds and I was told that it was always like that. This time I will be pulling a 30 foot travel trailer that will be loaded. I was curious if heading I 5 south all the way to Hwy 40 across would be better. On the I 5 and I 40 path, is there any mountain passes that would be difficult? Someone had told me to stay on the north route, that even though it is north (90 & 94) there is very little elevation changes and they keep the roads clean. Thank you for your advice. I am disabled and traveling alone.

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These online tools might help you:,-83.79,7,1

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If you can make it thru Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado with out hitting a big storm(snow, wind, etc.), your good. Wyoming is famous for it's closing of highways due to high winds and snow in the winter. Montana isn't far off. I got stuck on the Montana/North Dakota border for a night one time no thanks to a crazy snow storm in April a few years ago.

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I-5 and I-40 sound good and we like the route. However, I-5 does not connect directly to I-40. There is a spot across the Tehachapi Mountains on 58 that you have to take from Bakersfield to Barstow (both in California). It is nearly all double highway but there are some steep grades in the Tehachipis. It's a beautiful drive though.

If you belong to AAA, go in and ask them to help you plan the trip. You also have to factor in weather in January. We get storms in off the Pacific and these can come with high winds. They don't allow you to pull an RV in high winds so you could get stuck someplace for a day or two. Keep your plan flexible and be willing to wait out high winds and you should be fine. They do get snow in the Tehachipis too and I-40 goes through Arizona where you will also run into snow. It goes through Flagstaff which has nearby ski resorts. They clear the roads quickly so you won't be stuck long, but do be aware there is weather even farther south when you are at higher elevations.

There is always I-5 to I-10 to I-20 to I-30 to I-40 and you avoid all the mountains and stay south but take a longer trip. Of course, there could still be snow and either way it could take longer depending on weather. January is not an ideal time to drive across the USA but at least you shouldn't have a lot of traffic.