HELP with vehicle transfer (car bought) (WA plates, in QLD)

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So I just purchased a car in Queensland with WA plates.

Me and the seller filled in all the paperwork and i've come away with the Purchaser’s copy of the Notification of Change of Ownership - easy.

However, i'm on a UK license, so my license number is actually too long for the box? Presumably they won't like this and it'll be denied / questioned.

I'm currently in Queensland too, so there's no local Transport Office i can go to without being told to transfer the registration to QSA which'll cost me no end and I really do not want to do this.

I can easily renew the rego online on the WA site. But i'm not sure the change of ownership will be valid.

Do i just send the form off and hope for the best / explain when they phone?

Any help / cheap solutions to this? Got a feeling this'll cost me a lot.