working holiday arrival is Oz intro/UltimateOz worth it?

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Hi, never used a forum before but fair to say im a little anxious, so any advice is welcome

heading out to Australia on a working holiday visa alone and i'm as nervous as I am excited.
I'm 21 i'm shy travelled alone before i've had some good experiences but also some lonely experiences.
im drawn the intro style week (Oz intro/UltimateOz) mainly because as much as im capable of doing all the admin type setting up I kinda want the meeting people all just landed same boat type thing and the support if I need it just to settle me in a little.
however at around £400-£500 its expensive for just a week and I really want some opinions on if its worth it? also which is better? and if theres any companies offering this type of thing? or other suggestions

also any advice on preparing and first arriving would be great?
any things you wish you'd known before ect?

thanks xo

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I’m also travelling alone to Oz, I’m 19 next month and am so nervous. I won’t be going to September. I need the advice also. Been looking up a lot of things and getting both positive and negative reviews on both but it’s hard to know what to think

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If you're mostly concerned about meeting other people, why not try one of the social groups on Meetup? Assuming you're arriving in Sydney, there's a whole bunch of options to choose from

On top of that, if you're staying in a hostel, be sure to make the most of any socialising opportunities they provide.

Whether OzIntro or UltimateOz are worth it, I find it hard to say. Certainly the dollar value for the things you actually need is not worth it as you can organise all that yourself at cheaper cost, but the extra bit of handholding is pretty hard to put a price on. How much that is worth to you, only you can say.