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Hi All

Now this may seem like a strange one but I have been reading a lot of blogs about people's travel and what they packed when going to hot countries and I noticed a lot of ladies packed sports bras rather than normal bras. My husband and I are going to Thailand in April and I'm wondering if there was a specific reason for this? Are the more comfortable? Easier to pack? Easier to wash? Are they cooler? Or just for the simple fact they planned on doing activities that required one?

Anyone who can shed any light on this or what the best bras are to take somewhere like Thailand would be greatly appreciated.

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A strange question indeed (assuming you are female).

>Are they more comfortable?

That's entirely down to individual preference.

>Easier to pack?

Definitely. Unlike shaped and/or padded and/or wired bras, sports bras can be squished, squashed and rolled.

>Easier to wash?

No difference in washing. Sports bras are generally quicker to drip-dry (and certainly more so than padded bras), though it does depend on the fabric.

>Are they cooler?

Depends entirely on the fabric.


Sports bras are more modest and can thus be worn as bikini or crop tops, making them much more versatile than ordinary bras.

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A sports bra is designed for sweating so it really does suit hot humid environments. On the body it is more likely to dry out than other bras that will hold the moisture in so in that respect it can be more comfortable to wear. Though you do have to give them some sort of clean a little more regulary because their synthetic material will start to smell compared to a bra that is more cotton rich. I personally go for a mix of a plain, unpadded cotton rich bra for less active days and a sports bra when I know I am going to be partaking in a lot of physical activity that day.

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I have to say I prefer the Bro to the Manzier.