Where can I look for fully-detailed travel blogs?

Travel Forums Europe Where can I look for fully-detailed travel blogs?

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Hi Travelers!

I've been having an extremely difficult time trying to find fully detailed blogs. By fully detailed blogs, I mean a person's entire journey including the costs, the flight, bus, train, taxi, they took and where they took it. Specifically, I'm hoping to find someone's journey resembling mine as a point of reference. I've noticed that people will take a flight from city A instead of city B because flights are so much cheaper. I'll be traveling with my partner in April from Morocco, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Paris in 2 weeks, important to note, I only have Morocco to Brussels so far and I need to figure out the order I should go in for the remaining cities.

NOT looking for:
Bloggers who would recommend to go to this tourist site, eat at this restaurant, and stay at this hotel.
General information about backpacking or traveling throughout Europe.
Introduction or blogs of one city.

Thanks for reading this post, and I would be extremely grateful for all the links you share with me :).

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I can't remember seeing any blogs that detailed. That would be a very very time consuming project to detail every single transaction.

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Your requirements are so specific that I think your chances of finding a blog that answers your questions are slim. Most people who blog aim to capture the feel of a journey and tend to write from a personal perspective, focusing on the aspects that they most enjoyed or found most interesting or maybe most challenging. And if they do give costs, it would have to be a recent blog, which narrows your chances of finding one even more. I suggest that instead of looking for a blog or blogs to help, you read reviews on appropriate websites and also post questions in travel forums such as this on the lines of 'Can you recommend the most cost effective routes between A and B', or 'Has anyone travelled between A and B recently and if so how did you plan the journey?' You can also post you draft itinerary here and ask for comments and suggestions.

When asking for help it's useful to know your starting point and indication of budget, and any restrictions (e.g. if you prefer not to fly and/or cannot drive)

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Yes, it is hard to find blogs that substitute full, detailed travel guidebooks. This would be rather boring to write, I'd think.

However, there is the Travellerspoint Wiki Travel Guide, written by our members, which might be of use: https://www.travellerspoint.com/guide/

That said - I do have a lengthy blog about the city of Wroclaw in Poland, based on a month-long stay. But unfortunately Poland is not on your list...
https://wroclaw-kathrin-e.travellerspoint.com/ (shameless self-promo;))

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The fully detailed blogs as you'd like to see are not the kind of blogs people here like to write, the way you describe it it sounds more like a detailed travel plan a travel agency would provide
You could try asking members here on the forum advice on your itinerary and how they would travel from A to B but if you want a ready to go plan with schedule, cost etc. maybe your better of consulting an travel agency

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Quote: Morocco, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Paris in 2 weeks. Unquote

Considering the distances involved, you may be planning a little too much for a two-week trip.

I do fairly detailed blogs and include appropriate links to transportation and sights, but I don't usually put in costs because they are so quickly outdated. To find accurate prices, you really need to go to the source, i.e. visit the web sites of your transportation provider. So first go to Google Maps (or some other good map web site) and plan the trip in a logical manner. Then decide how you want to get from one place to another. If you decide on the train, for instance, go to the appropriate train web site and check the prices there. They will be more accurate than a blog which might be over a year old would be.

With your itinerary, I'd try using the train and save Morocco for a future trip. If you haven't looked at The Man in Seat 61 web site, you will find it very helpful and it will give you all the information and links you need for the European leg of you trip. Click here for The Man in Seat 61 web site

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip.