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I am wanting to go traveling, I’m thinking around Thailand & Asia with my boyfriend but I don’t know how to go about it. Any advice/ previous travel stories would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lauren

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1. Read about the countries in the region. Just at a very high level. This gives you an indication where would be your preferences to go.
2. Decide how long you are going for.
3. Decide when would you like to go.

At list this will help you to start the planning process. You can post more specific queries about each location to plan better. At least is a start!

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Quoting Laurenrimmerx

I am wanting to go traveling, I’m thinking around Thailand & Asia with my boyfriend but I don’t know how to go about it.

There's lots of info about travelling, especially about Thailand.
However you need money and time, so 1st thing to do is work out how you can earn the money and get the time to go travelling.
Until you've worked those two out, is the time to research where and what you want to do whilst travelling.

There are country guides on here, also lots of posts by people asking similar questions and answered quite extensively.

Then there's hundreds on online blogs and on YouTube there are similarly hundreds of travel Vlogs.
Although too many of those Blogs and Vlogs are from people more interested in showing how cool they are rather than the details of their travels, there are plenty with loads of info as well. I usually mention "https://www.youtube.com/user/PsychoTraveller" as she's one of the few female travel vloggers I like and she lived in Thailand a few years ago, so you can search through her old vids for info.

Thailand is the easiest country in the world to travel.
It's had millions of backpackers/travellers/holiday makers in the last 30+ years, so it's chocked full of Hostels, Guest Houses etc, with easy and cheap (by western standards) transport etc etc.

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You can not go to Thailand and other countries in Asia without a passport.


You usually can not work in these countries without a work permit. This means the money you have available has to last for the entire trip and pay for your plane rides. If you find that your "holiday" money is so little that you are eating food you can't stand and sleeping in places you don't really care for - stay overseas for less time! You must work up a budget and see how much money you have available each day after paying for your plane rides to "Asia" and return home. Your daily budget determines the quality of accommodation and where you eat. At 18 years old I don't expect you to have a long work history and a lot of money saved up. (Could be wrong though! Could have won lottery or have rich parents, etc.)

Do not pool your entire stash of money. Have your own debit and credit cards in your own name!


For Thailand, the visa requirements depend on how long you visit. With UK passport this boils down to a visit for over 30 days or under 30 days. You can't just show up somewhere and stay as long as you want without proper official permission. Different countries means different visa requirements.

Some questions.

How long do you want to go for? What time of the year? (High season, low season, weather issues, etc.) Do either of you have debit and/or credit cards or do you intend to just travel with thousands of pounds in cash? Have you thought about some sort of insurance in case you have an accident with a motorbike or fall in a hole? There are foreign tourists begging for money to pay for hospital care and doctors, sometimes for special medical flights to get them home for proper care. Crap happens!

  • * A printed travel guide for Thailand can be helpful. This has worked for millions of tourists in the past and even present. Assuming you both can read a real book and not just something on a tiny screen. Lonely PLanet has a travel guide for Thailand and for Asia.

Relationship with boyfriend.

A long trip with just you and your boyfriend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will make your relationship stronger and secure or cause you two to break up!

Come on back!

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"... I’m thinking around Thailand & Asia with my boyfriend..."

Know that all Asian countries are not cheap. Some countries could be more expensive than where you live because you are paying for meals, paying for transportation and paying for short stay hotels.

For a first time visit to Asia I wouldn't jump into a 6 months long odyssey and start with something shorter maybe 30 days or less. Round trip to a centrally located major city might be cheaper than a series of long one way flights from the UK and return. But for all spending do the math and compare one way vs round trip.

Bangkok is a central hub for lots of nearby countries. From Thailand you can reach Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia by cheap local flights or even overland.

  • * Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and of course Bhutan are not cheap!

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As Karazyal says, a shorter trip (below 30 days) as a 'taster' is a good idea, especially when 2 of you are involved.
You may love travelling and being away from family whilst your partner may hate it after 2 weeks. It's probable that he could stick it out for the rest of the month, but if it's a longer trip you've the issue of do you go on alone (My choice) or do you both cut short your travels.

For Visas the first thing to do is check the website in your country for the embassy of the country you want to visit (in this case the Thailand Embassy UK website) where they will have details of Visa requirements. Sometimes it's not immediately clear but a thorough read usually does have all the necessary info.

But the very first thing is save the money needed.

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If you are looking to travel on a budget in SE Asia, I suggest staying away from hostels. I find hostels to be cheaper ONLY in more expensive destinations, like Europe and the States. These days, hostels in cheaper countries tend to be more like boutique hang-outs and travelers pay a bit more for that. Beside, two people sharing a room at a budget hotel, or a locals hotel can save a ton of money.

Just look on a hotel booking site, enter some dates and a destination you are thinking of and you'll be shocked at how much hotels are almost ALWAYS a better value than hostels in cheaper countries. By all means, pick a hostel if you want to network with other travelers, but realize they do not always represent a good value for you bottom lone.

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