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Hi there,
My family (wife plus three kids) and I will be going to a business trip to Mexico City for like 4-5 days, probably around July, and the wife was planning on mainly visiting the various museums in the area, like the National Watercolour's Museum, the León Trotsky House museum, and the Frida Kahlo Museum with the kids.

I've booked in advance the hotel, since it's kind of hard to find whole suites for this price (500usd for a week), this is the place: - snip -
I would love to hear your opinions, If any of you happen to know about a cheaper or better alternative, I would be grateful, though have in mind that we are looking for a more local experience, not so much as the average international hotel.

Also, I'm kinda worried about the security in the area, since she will be all alone with the kids, so any insights or previous experiences will be of great help.

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The Trotsky Museum was fascinating! So was the Frida museum (Blue House). I cannot even call myself a passing fan of her art but I found the house and her life to be enough to keep me quite interested.

As for accommodation, we spend about 5 weeks at a time here and spend around $15 per night on a double room. The hotel is definitely a locals place (not dodgy at all) but is clean, central, quiet and safe. Many people are shocked at how inexpensive hotels can be in Mexico and Mexico City, and this includes cable television, wi fi and all that stuff. At 280 pesos per night you can get 2 rooms and still come in under budget! Punch in your dates on a consolidator site and filter by price - you will be stunned at the quality of hotel rooms in Mexico and Mexico City for under $40 per night. Our budget means considerably less, but there you have it.

As for safety, I cannot tell what area you are staying in based on your posting, but the Frida House and the Trotsky House are in rather upper middle-class, hip parts of the city. The historical center of the city is STUNNING and is simply too full of people to be considered unsafe in my opinion. Then again, we hitchhiked through all of Mexico and had a blast! Perhaps our gauge of danger is a bit different... We never felt unsafe ANYWHERE in Mexico City, and we tend to get off beaten path, so say. The biggest danger is the traffic on the streets.

In short, Mexico City is world-class. I'd love to help you with any more questions and i'd love to hear how your trip went.