13 Days, three cities. How long in each?

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If you're flying to Barcelona from Seattle (your profile says you reside in Washington state) then I suggest you divide your visit to each city about equally. The weather should be warmer and you'll likely get more sunlight in Barcelona in May than in the other two cities. On arrival, try to get as much sunlight as possible to help counter the effects of jet lag. There is an eight-to nine-hour time difference between Seattle and the cities you plan to visit.

Know that International Museum Day this year is May 18. Many museums worldwide will offer free entrance on that day. https://icom.museum/en/activities/events/international-museum-day/

You don't say what you're interested in. If it's culture (music, dance, theater, etc.) go online to check what performances are available. The same goes for festivals and other events. Or, simply search "short walks in (name of city)" and you'll find some excellent suggestions. If you want to visit Disneyland Paris, that's fine. Go online for hints on how best to see the attraction; how Disneyland Paris and Disneyland compare; and the price differences between the two in 2019.

Any way you allocate your time you're guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

P.S. It's always wise to be alert of your surroundings. Some places are notorious for thievery such as pickpocketing.

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Yes - if you don't account for jet lag, you will not be able to enjoy anything you see.

My usual way to do this is that when I get there the first thing I do after I check into the hotel is to take a hop-on-hop-off bus for a tour of the city (Barcelona has a good one and you can buy the tickets on-line and pick up the tickets at the airport) and sit on the top out in the sun. That way I can stay awake without having to make any decisions. Then I have an early dinner. The next day I can take the rest of the bus tour and actually visit some of the places.

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I would spend less days in Barcelona, in order to have more days in Paris and London.. Paris and London are big cities, with many attractions, museums, restaurants and beautiful spots to take shots!!
Barcelona is a gorgeous city, but with short options rather Paris/London.
Despite Paris is not my favorite city in europe, it is your best pick among the three of them , if you wanna interact with the places.. London does not have this feature, (interaction), since is more contemplative!

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