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Hello fellow Travellers!
I'd like to take a moment to tell you about something to make you think twice about travelling in the Northern Territory.

Many hotels in the NT have a practice of segregation. Aboriginal people are given rooms that no one should have to pay for, rooms which white people or anyone else would not be given.

This is particularly bad considering places like Alice Springs, service centre hubs to a large surrounding area, and cultural homeland and centre of the universe, have policies of segregation.

I implore you, skip Alice Springs. The shady business going on there does not deserve your hard earned cash and the hotels are ripping you, and everyone else off.

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It's not fair to tell us to skip Alice all together! And this is not the place to go bashing the hotels in that area. Having said that, I stayed at Desert Palms in Alice Springs with native people in the room next to mine, same type room same standard same everything as far as I could tell

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While it is true there are problems in the NT there is also hospitality businesses that are actively helping young indigenous people by providing traineeships that they can then use to further their education or move upward in the hospitality industry. I see from your profile you live in Alice Springs and I can understand that you want to stop places that exploit or mistreat indigenous people but I think it is more proactive if you provided a list of places that do contribute positively to the community. If people choose to do business with establishments that share their values then other businesses will be forced to adapt;).

Every where we travel in the world has problems and not travelling to a place that has problems isn't going to make the problems better, if anything economic depression can exacerbate the problems. What I think is more effective is knowing where your money can benefit the most and creating a culture that is socially concious about their spending. That can change cultures but if you tell people everything is crap and there is nothing that can be done then you just end up with apathy towards the situation.

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Well, thanks for the warning at any rate, I don't like to be around people who discriminate, so I will make note to select proper hotels.

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Saw this pop up in The Guardian today

Hotel giant Accor to investigate allegations it racially segregated Aboriginal guests

Sounds horrendous.

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Quoting Peter

Saw this pop up in The Guardian today

A French company showing distain for others... Not unusual!

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