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I am trying to arrange travel insurance for a Cuban meeting me in Scotland. No insurance companies seem to insure Cubans. Any suggestions?


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Well at least the UK is probably the best place in the world to be uninsured. The main risk I want to insure against when travelling is medical cover, and I believe the NHS will treat anyone free of charge?

(Sorry, I've no useful insurance info to offer!)

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I can't help but can tell you that years ago when the eastern block was still communist, a UK Insurance company did 'sell' a few short travel policies to visitors from those countries.
It didn't go well for them.
The visitors supposedly lost everything from Rolex watches to professional level cameras and didn't have the receipts. They also tried to use the medical cover to get a full check-up. The companies paid a token amount (more than the premium) and it took the company a long long time and lots of paperwork to resolve. So they stopped selling those policies to overseas visitors.
In many other countries, Insurance is seen as a savings/profit scheme whereas it's really there for real emergencies.

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