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I have made a reservation from Greece to Edinburgh through Instabul with turkish air lines! By accident, in the place of the name of my girlfriend i put her surname and in the place of her surname, i put her name. The name and the surname are correctly written, they are simply in the upside down position. Do you believe I will have a problem ??? IM SO SO WORRIED about it!

I will wait for your reply with impatience.

ps. turkish airlines dont make changes in tickets names

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My gal worked for an airline at the ticket counter a few years back. Her advice goes like this: Have a back-up form of ID. Allow extra time at the airport to sort it out with ticket agents/supervisors. Although it should not be a problem, it may come down to the whim of the agent, so....

Also, my gal says a very big problem arises with passports not reflecting a new name, i.e. through marriage - not too much from upside-down names, however. All airlines are different, with their own policies and such, as you know.

Have you spoken with a rep from Turkish Airlines? I see they do not change names, but did you ask them about your concern?

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they told that they dont have a problem. Also i know that there are so many different naming conventions in the world that, so long as both names are there and spelt correctly, the airline won't care which order they appear in.

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Good to hear they are okay with it. So....why the worry, then?

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I once got a deal travelling that was SO screaming that I bought an extra seat. I'm a broad shouldered guy and was looking forward to a window seat for the first time ever where I had space to stretch out for nine hours. The name of the extra seat was my name plus ES.(extra seat). The airline check in REFUSED to realize that it was my seat and so re assigned it to a standby. Their reasoning was my name didn't have ES after it, so it couldn't have been me. I argued my way up a chain of people for an hour and FINALLY got it sorted it out, sort of. They kept that guy in the seat I chose and was assigned but moved me to a goddamned aisle seat with an unassigned seat beside me. I've learned a valuable lesson about how airlines think.

So, while I hope it works out, be prepared to have a little bit of an argument on the day. Have evidence in hand.

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You would need to talk to the airline directly as they would advise exactly if this is an issue or not (different airlines can have slightly different rules). As you did that already than there should be no issue.

At the same time if you still concerned ring the airline and ask to 'fix' the names on the booking and the new confirmation email will be issued with the revised names/ spelling. Just to be safe...