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You could drive to LA (personally I think Hollywood is worth seeing, but it's a matter of opinion!)

I was dismissing that area mostly because of the lack of public transportation in that area. NYC, SF and NOLA all have reasonable city transportation. I have never been to Vegas and I've only been to the Grand Canyon in October and a long time ago, but I know there are tours to there from Vegas. So I was trying to post a reasonable schedule with some time other than travel to see something.

Yes, I agree it's not ideal without a car, but I do feel that if hiring a car then it's worth including in a California itinerary.

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In my opinion the major problems to deal with (other than the normal problem of people trying to do too much) are
1) heat in August at most places except maybe SF
2) Crowds and difficulty of getting a reservation

Absolutely! I wouldn't travel to many of those places in August personally, but then I can't take the heat :)

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I would drop Mexico and possibly New Orleans.
Fly NYC to SFO (SF, not "San Fran" please).
If you can get lodging reservations inside Yosemite, then rent a car and drive there and stay 3 nights. Then drive down Highway 1 with stops in Monterey, Pismo Beach or Cambria and if you have time, Santa Barbara. Then on to LA, stay near the beach if in budget since it will be hotter inland and visit Hollywood and other LA stuff (maybe Getty Museum, Malibu, whatever interests you) and over to Las Vegas. It will be pretty hot in Vegas, probably too hot to lie by the pool much past 10am or so but at least it is not humid. Do a trip to Grand Canyon, stay overnight if possible, then fly home from Vegas.

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Hello Kath,

So exciting that you are making the long journey to this part of the world! As everyone is saying, North America is massive- The US alone is just over the size of Australia. The big difference is how many people live here. So we have so many amazing things to do! I agree with everyone. Pick a few places to explore- narrow your priorities.

Cities, add in some rural? or National Parks, Both coasts? There is no way you can do all of my suggestions below- they are just places I have truly enjoyed

Some of my favorites here in the US - New York, just because it's New York. Washington DC- has all the free museums, Denver because of the mountains, Nashville- Music city and the food! Seattle- the ocean water and the coffee-, San Francisco- food and culture, LA- because it's LA- I've never been, but I hear New Orleans is fabulous with fun culture and food

National Parks- Yellowstone- Wyoming, Glacier- Montana- then you could go to Waterton in Canada, Yosemite- California, Grand Canyon- Arizona, Bryce- Utah,
Everglades,-Florida, The smoky Mountains in the Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov)

Enjoy~ and as always, safe and fun travels to you!


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No I think you need to cut some things out. If you want to see your friend in the Keys, cut out Mexico. Leave Hollywood out - it takes too much time to get there and you will not really see anything. Sounds glamous, but is not. Also it will be hot there in August.

You could go from NYC to Vegas and do a trip to the Grand Canyon from there, and then go to San Francisco. You might have time to do Yosemite from there.

So NY from the 12th to the 16th (4 days as you can't count the day you arrive). I don't know where you are from, but NY will be hot in August.

Fly on the 17th to Las Vegas. On the 18th to the 21st see Vegas and the Grand Canyon - 4 days (It will be hot in August)

Go to SF on the 22nd. SF and possibly Yosemite - 4 days (SF will be cooler)

Leave SF 27th and fly to New Orleans. 3 days in New Orleans (hot and humid in NOLA - New Orleans LouisianA)

Then on September 1st fly to either Miami or Key West (depending on where in the Keys your friend is. Actually if you are going to Key West you will have to change planes in Miami as I don't think you can go direct to Key West. The Keys will be warm and humid, but probably not as hot as NY.

Spend the 2nd to the 4th of September in the Keys, and fly back to NY on the 4th or 5th.

Make the reservations as early as possible for the beginning of September because the 30th of August to the 2nd of September is a big holiday weekend here.

This is about the most practical of the suggestions above. We live out here and I would NEVER go to Las Vegas in August. You might as well sit in an oven and bake yourself. I may be prejudiced because I don't care for either Las Vegas or Hollywood. However, there are some wonderful museums in Los Angeles and near the ocean it is usually reasonably cool. Inland a few miles, it does get very hot, often 105 to 119 Fahrenheit. Expect crowds and manic driving during the Labor Day holiday mentioned. It is the last gasp of summer here in the states and excessively celebrated . . .

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Does anyone have an awesome three week itinerary of North America including a bit of everything that is West and East Coast and the middle? Have never been and I just cant get my head around it - we fly in and out of New York?

The US overlaid on Europe

This will give you an idea of the size of the trip you are planning. You are talking about going from northern Finland (NY) to Morocco (LA)

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mekatebrown, that is an impossible list for 3 weeks.

It doesn't include any of the places on the OP's own wish list, and is a random roster of locations she hasn't expressed interest in and/or doesn't have time for.

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It appears to be a cut+paste from expedia, a best-of list for north America. Reported.

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I cancelled my planned 4 weeks USA & Canada trip for the reasons mentioned above. Too many things to do in too little time. Yeah USA & Canada are vast countries, rather continents. Focus and concentrate on a small area.

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