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Hello fellow travellers!

I have been in Uruguay for a while now and even though I love it here, I think it will be time for me to move on soon... I am planning a trip to Santiago, Chile and maybe some other towns in April. Is this a good time to go? What are some other places in Chile that I should visit? I love hiking but don’t have any real gear. I also love museums and cultural activities.... if anyone has any recommendations for Chile in April let me know!

Otherwise, I am trying to decide where I will go next. Maybe I will fall in love with Chile and decide to stay there..... Or I am thinking of going to Mexico later in the year, Mexico City is wonderful..... My friend Johnny is in Mexico City and i really must see him. I think he can give me very good advice on what i should do in the future and I miss him very much. I would like to visit there for a while and maybe try out some other areas in Mexico. Any recommendations for places in Mexcio to go?

Any advice will be much appreciated!

The adventure Continues!


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Suggest making your way from Uruguay to Argentina to as far south as Patagonia, crossing over into Chile. But you'd better do it sooner rather than later as seasonal changes make it more difficult to travel in the region. Some businesses that cater to tourists, such as restaurants, begin to close for the season in March and April; and some bus companies reduce their schedules.

You won't need much hiking gear if you plan to do only day hikes. Otherwise, there is no difficulty in finding what you might need once you get there. For example, you can rent trekking poles in El Chalten.

Flights from Punta Arenas (PUQ) to Santiago (SCL) are reasonable on Sky Airline and on certain LAN Chile flights. Sky is a low-cost carrier; and fares, including promotional ones, can be bought online. I've flown both.

Others can suggest destinations besides Patagonia. But since you're already in South America it would be a shame to miss one of the world's most beautiful and spectacular regions.

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For Chile, I highly recommend two towns: El Pucon and Puerto Villarica.

El Pucon is a beautiful town that resides right next to a volcano which you can hike up, look inside the crater and all that, and then you get to toboggan down it. Sooooo much fun! I don't know what sort of accommodation you're looking for, but I worked at a hostel called El Refugio which is brilliant! Lovely ownership, great atmosphere and located right opposite the bus stop, so you won't have to carry your bags very far which is a bonus.

Puerto Villarica is another beautiful town. I recommend visiting here because it's simply a very colourful town with tonnes of great art work/murals all over the place. It's located right on the coast too, so you can get some lovely sights of the ocean.

As for Mexico, yes Mexico City is great! Highly recommend staying there for a bit. But if you're wanting to get away from the cities, live a bit of a beach life...and maybe you like to surf? I would make a stop in Puerto Escondido.

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Quoting hummingbird500

Any recommendations for places in Mexcio to go?

Morelia, about 5 hours north of Mexico City, is a real stunning city. The entire center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet it is not too packed with crowds.

Playa Maruata on the Michoacan coast is underdeveloped but is one of the most dramatic beaches - the swimming is a bit rough, but the beauty of the coast is is AMAZING!

Patzcuaro, about 1 hour from Morelia, is a great town with several atmospheric squares and historic sites. There is also a lake several Kilometers away as well as a nearby Spanish mission. Many of the little villages around the lake have a strong tradition of making all sorts of wooden masks.

Zacatecas is very similar to Guanajuato and not as busy. Guanajuato is also a great place to visit with a cool mummy museum.

Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi state is a bit tough to get to but is well worth the effort. We spent several weeks here hiking in total isolation amid several ruined sites above the village. Many Mexicans choose to come here and get married in this picturesque village.

The city of Veracruz is famous for Marimba music and seafood cooked Veracruzana style. There is a real nice vibe to this city.

Puebla city, 2 hours south of Mexico City, is a real gem - plenty of azuelo tiles on the beautiful buildings and one of the world's biggest pyramids a few kilometers away in the town of Cholula.

Merida is a beautiful city in Yucatan state and is a great base for exploring many Mayan Cities and cenotes to swim in.

Valladolid is much the same, except not as elegant as Merida. 2 amazing underground cenotes are just outside the city and 1 cenote is just a few blocks from the main plaza.

Izamal - between Merida and Valladolid - is a great little town with a wonderful yellow hue to all the buildings as well as some small pyramids around the town. The thing to do here is take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the town - PERFECT!

Laguna Bacalar is a peaceful blue lagoon perfect for swimming and kayaking. Bacalar is just north of Belize

We spent about 5 weeks in Mexico City and went out all day every day seeing sights! Mexico City is simply world-class - and you have a personal tour guide.

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In Santiago we liked the Barrio Lastarria for street art and street photography. It's worth going up the Sky Costanera if you have clear weather - although be aware that even when it seems clear at street level, pollution and atmospheric conditions mean that the highest of the Andes mountains that surround the city are often obscured. The area around the Plaza de Armas is worth exploring - the cathedral is imposing rather than attractive but worth a visit, the square itself has reasonably priced cafes where you can people-watch over a coffee, and there are several museums in the vicinity - we'd planned to visit the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino but messed up our timings and were here on a Monday when it is closed. The Mercado Central is interesting architecturally but more a place for tourists to eat seafood than a genuine market - the streets around are better if you want to see where the locals shop. And it's also worth climbing the small hill in the centre, the Cerro Santa Lucia, for more accessible (and free!) city views than the Sky Costanera offers.

In addition it's easy to arrange trips out of the city to Valparaiso, which I loved, and the wine-growing region if that's of interest.

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I am getting ready for another travel and I need some advice. Sorry HUMMINGBIRG because I can’t give you any recommendations about Chile, I’ve never been there. However I would like to ask you about certain things in Montevideo since you are still there and… I am organizing my travel schedule to go there in mid march.

If I am right you have spent a lot of time in that city and you should know what is the best way to enjoy all the attractions this gorgeous city has to offer. I was there last year but only for a few days and I could not fulfill my expectations… I do think it is worth a new visit… I want to go back.

I would like to know how is the weather this time of the year and if there are some cultural activities that I should see… besides any other recommendations that you can give me… my plan is to go there around the 14th for a week, but it will be really helpful if you can give me some advice to arrange my itinerary in advance. I will appreciate any hint very much.


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Thanks everyone for your advice! The suggestions for Chile, Argentina and Mexico are wonderful. I will research all of them and plan accordingly. My plans have changed and I believe I will now be going to Chile later than expected, in late April/May... So I will still be in Montevideo for all of March and into April. This works better with my work schedule anyhow.

Thank you SO MUCH to my fellow travellers for all their wonderful recommendations. It is so nice to have a community of like-minded, helpful, friendly people to support me in my travels!


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I am sorry guys! I just realized I cannot travel to Montevideo until late march. My daughter needs me… I will be traveling the 29th so I can enjoy the all weekend and maybe a couple days more. Please, let me know any advice for those days… I really need some time off and see my dear friends.

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Thank you everyone for such good tips about Montevideo. Finally … I am going to travel next 29th!! I am planning to be in the city all the weekend and maybe one or two days more… I will meet again with my old friends. I am sure I going to have a nice vacation like I did last time. I will let you know guys about my experiences later, thanks again.

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