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My wife and I are planning a camping trip to Newfoundland this July to celebrate my retirement. Wanting to buy a tent for the trip and have settled on a large Woods model that requires tent pegs to anchor. I'm wondering what the ground is like in provincial, and national park campgrounds in Gros Morne Berry Hill, St. Anthony Pistolet Bay, as well as campgrounds in central NL and Pippy's in St. John's and Cheeseman Prov Pk near Port Aux Basque. Planning to bring heavy duty spikes instead of lite tent pegs, but rock is rock, if there's no gravel or softer fill at the sights it might make pitching this tent tricky.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

2. Posted by Bob Brink (Respected Member 6 posts) 35w Star this if you like it!

Congrats on the retirement. Will this be your first trip to Newfoundland? I am not a camper myself, prefer bread and breakfasts or vacation rentals, but did check with my friend who has done lots of camping in Newfoundland.

You should have not problems in pegging your tent in the various campgrounds.

Newfoundlanders love their RV’s and most campgrounds are set up to cater to them. With their RV’s they tend to bring their generators which they run to all hours of the night. So, to have a nicer camping experience you need to find sites that are away from power hookups where you are also likely to have some grass.

You can acquire maps and make prior reservations. It is best to book ahead.

Regarding Gros Morne, he suggested that you avoid Berry Hill campground. He said that Lomond is nicer. Green Point also good, a "lovely spot", but changes to cater to RV’s makes it not quite as nice.

You should invest in a good tarp that will go to the ground and plan to peg it down. Invest in good air mattresses.

If you are heading to the Northern Peninsula you should consider Southern Labrador. We made it as far as Battle Harbour which I really loved. I have titled my blog, "Searching for Magical Places". Battle Harbour was one of those places.

You also need to come up to Pouch Cove. We can offer you some coffee or maybe a cold beer.


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Hi Bob:

Thanks for the useful info. I did tent the Island about 35 years ago with a buddy. As far as I can tell there have been A LOT of upgrades to campgrounds in Newfoundland since then. I Did a bunch of searching on line and people were saying that Berry Hill was recently renovated which was why we picked it. It's nice to get a personal perspective on things, will check out Lomand instead, although we already have reservations so need to see if we can change them.

We plan to camp in St. John's for a few days and want to tour the coast a bit. Given we don't have the time to tour the whole Avalon coast, any suggestions on the prettiest route to tour coming from St. John's? Also, being your from Pouch Cove, is Pippy's a good choice to tent? Other suggestions?


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I think you replied to this thread but it was removed for some reason, care to try again?


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It was probably the link to my website of Newfoundland photographs. That was maybe against the rules, although it is quite easy to find from my public profile. I wish I had been notified so that I could salvage the rest of my fine post. I was never even informed that it bounced. So if there is a human moderator, perhaps keep that in mind.

My post went something like this. Pippy Park is a very nice place and conveniently located for other places in St. John's (not walking distance). I do not know anything about the camping.

I suggested going south and mentioned Cape Spear, Bay Bulls for a boat ride, Cape Race and Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve. You can also go to Cape St. Mary's for the seabirds. If you decide to go north, I really like Brigus and the drive up to Bay de Verde and then returning on the other side through Heart's Content, Heart's Desire, and Heart's Delight. There is also another stop everyone likes to make, but I will not mention it as the system may deem it a bad word.

I also strongly recommended a quick trip up to Pouch Cove and up to Cape St. Francis. And any Travellerspoint members who make it to Pouch Cove are likely to get some free coffee or other beverages.


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Quoting Bob Brink

I wish I had been notified so that I could salvage the rest of my fine post. I was never even informed that it bounced. So if there is a human moderator, perhaps keep that in mind.

Hi Bob.

Sorry to hear your post was deleted. I'm a moderator but not for the Travel Gear forum so I'm only speaking as an observer.

Yes it will have been the link that was the issue. It could even have been me who flagged it for attention - we are fairly "zero tolerance" on promoting things on here since we get a deluge of spam, often couched in genuine-seeming posts, so links to promote people's own sites are often looked at a bit negatively.

However that's not to say your post should have been deleted rather than the link just removed. Sometimes we get it wrong. I don't know exactly how much spam we deal with here as it's split into about 15 forums with a couple of moderators for each; I probably visit 50 times in a typical day and often have a stack of flagged posts to deal with, so there is quite a lot to wade through. Sounds like we may have swept out your post through hurrying too much.

I only speak for myself but I certainly appreciate anyone who devotes their time to trying to offer advice to other travellers with nothing in it for themself, so thank you for retyping it.

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Hi Bob:

I found your blog, and appreciate your last response. Might make it to Pouch Cove for that Beer around July 21- 24. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Going to spend some time studying you blog.