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Hello out there, My wife and I are thinking about a trip to Kauai. We don't car much about luaus and hula dancing, we're both nature lovers and after reading about the "Garden Isle" Kauai sounds like a perfect fit. I see there are non-stop flights from L.A. to Lihue airport on Kauai which has me wondering how crowded that island is with tourists. Anyone here know much about this island? Or is there another place on this forum I should post this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tourism is big in Hawaii. Still there are many places where you won't encounter hordes of people. If you're a hiker and nature lover you don't be disappointed. See this video as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEq2Wl-uOZ8&t=3s

I'm originally from Hawaii and visit family at least twice a year. Every island is different; and there are places on each island where there aren't many tourists, even on Oahu. You just have to know where to go.

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Kauai is a lovely island, and my favorite. I have traveled there over 15 times but not in the last 5 years so my knowledge of restaurants, etc. is not super current.
Big Island and Kauai are probably the two least visited of the four major islands, with Oahu and Maui probably the most visited. Driving is pretty easy although you can hit a bit of traffic through Kapa'a on the east coast at certain times of the day. However you can take the bypass road to avoid most of the traffic if just passing through.
When were you thinking of visiting? Right now there is a road closure past Hanalei on the North Shore due to flooding last spring. But that is just a small part of the island and only means right now you cannot visit Ke'e or Tunnels beaches or the Limahuli Gardens. Hopefully the road will be fixed by late spring or summer.

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Kauai doesn't get nearly as many visitors as Maui or Oahu but there are fewer roads and no highways so it can feel still pretty crowded (especially on the east coast roads) but overall I thought it was a more relaxed and it did fell like one big village (if you really want an empty island you might want to visit Molokai but depending on how long you are staying there is a lot less to do there) Kauai the scenery is stunning especially around Waimea Canyon and there are some really good hikes but depending on weather they can get closed down. The best part for me was the food as they have local delis that serve an array of fresh pokes that don't even cost that much.