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Hi all!

I'm Kim, an American teenager without much experience but with big plans. Seeing the things that you all have planned and have accomplished is so exciting to me! I'm just seventeen now, and won't be eighteen until May, but I'm here to learn as much as possible before I become an adult and am able to take my own trips. I'm great with finances and have saved up a decent amount of money - I'm just so excited to be in control of my future.

I love making new friends and hope to meet some wonderful people on here! I'm so grateful for online communities like this one <3

Thanks for reading!


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Hello Kim.

I am new here myself. I joined a few weeks ago and am very impressed with the community so far. Tons of helpful tips and resources here on Travellerspoint.


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Hello and welcome to Travellerspoint Kim!

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Welcome to Travellerspoint Kim. Any ideas on where you want to travel to first?

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Welcome to the forum Kim, to be a good traveler, try gathering as much possible information about the destination you want to visit. Try making an itinerary and see some video blogs about them online. This will give you helpful insight and courage to do the tour.
Also, initially you can join some good tour companies for group tours and later can develop yourself as a experienced traveler.

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Hi Kim. Welcome to TravellersPoint. If you haven't discovered the Street Walk function on Google Maps, try it. You can do some vicarious traveling before you actually set foot on foreign soil.

Click on the little yellow stick man and pull it onto the map and you will be standing on the street you chose. Click to move forward, turn or move back. You can actually drive through the countryside with this. It works better in some countries than others. Some countries seem to have blocked large sections and the folks at Google seem to have decided other countries are not of enough interest to photograph in depth. You can pick a place like Paris or London to start. It's also great for planning trips because you can see the neighborhood of places like your hotel.

Have fun.