wt can i eat in Hong Kong?

Travel Forums Asia wt can i eat in Hong Kong?

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First time to HK, anyone tell me about HK FOOD? THANKS!

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It's a big international city with most styles of food available.
If you want European, S.E.Asian, Sushi, Latino or American food then it's all available.
However the main option is obviously Cantonese food, but with other Chinese styles like schezuan readily available as well. .
Search YouTube for 'Mark Wiens Hong Kong' and there are lots of options that may interest you, and when you watch one it'll give you other foodies vlogs to watch as well..
There are quite a few food bloggers/vloggers who have covered HK better than most of us could.

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"wt can i eat in Hong Kong?"

All they have is fish heads and rice!


Seriously, you should be able to find new things to eat along with most cuisines you are already familiar with.

Hong Kong. (From this TP forum.) Scroll down for EAT.

Sample Google type search using my laptop:

Even If you are a fussy eater you won't starve!

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.........McDonald's.......o, wait.....are you talking about all the OTHER good foods to eat in Hong Kong? Not a clue, last time I was in Hong Kong was March 1986, so it has changed a little.

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If it's local food you're looking for, it's everywhere. And it's mostly not the "Chinese" food you get in the West. Lots of seafood, lots of vegetables, and strong flavours such as lots of garlic.

If it's "safe" options for a more cautious eater, I can reassure Cottonwood that in the past thirty years McDonald's have strengthened their grip - they're everywhere. There's also Pizza Hut, a local chain called Spaghetti House, and a few Burger Kings and independent western food places - eg I ate in a Canadian-themed burger place on Java Road in North Point called The Big Bite, which I'd recommend.

Dim Sum is a thing here. You'll find lots of seafood restaurants on Lamma island, at both villages served by ferries from Central. Or for an iconic experience I think Jumbo floating restaurant in Aberdeen harbour is maybe the world's largest.

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Come on back. You don't identify where you are from so we know what is available back home for comparison.

Do you have allergies or some other fear of eating in a foreign country? Do you have some sort of religious restriction for certain food or perhaps a you are a vegan?

It's Asia so expect Asian foods !

My first choice for a hotel in my price range is one with a free buffet breakfast! I don't eat everything at a buffet but I can find plenty enough to fill up on. (Coffee, tea, juice, cereal, pastry, toast, some fruit usually always available.)

In my cheapness I have used McDonalds in Hong Kong. Quick, familiar fare and not that expensive. Don't know what to eat try some fried rice! If fried rice is alien to you try some at an Asian restaurant back in your mystery country.

I have flown in and out of Hong Kong several times. Two different times I visited the city for 6 days each. It is okay but out of my budget range compared to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia and a few other countries in Asia.

Happy eating.