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Hi! I'm currently studying in Spain for a year with a student visa- I have a student foreigner card that will expire in May. I am leaving Spain the day my visa expires, and was planning to head to Greece. I am unclear about how exactly the Schengen district works- will I be alright traveling in Greece with an expired Spanish student visa? I don't plan to re-enter Spain- just go to Greece and then home to the US!

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Spain and Greece are both Schengen countries. I don't know if your 90 days allowed in the Schengen area starts when your visa ends or if it is included in your visa. With luck someone will log on who knows this. If it is included in the time you have already spent, you will have to leave the Schengen area for at least 90 days before returning to another Schengen country. Here is a list of all the Schengen countries. Click here for a list of Schengen Countries as of January 2019

Be patient. TP covers all the world time zones so it can take more than a day to get all your answers.

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It's not the Schengen 'district'. It's the Schengen Area or Schengen Zone.

As a US citizen you can visit and remain in the Schengen Area for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

All Schengen entrances and exits, whether by land, sea or air, are noted and shared on a common system. Any overstay is known and 'flagged' to all authorities. Overstaying can result in a fine and/or difficulty in re-entering the Schengen Zone.

Your student visa allows you to stay in Spain for a year. In effect, you are not 'in Schengen' during that year unless you visit another Schengen country for e.g. a weekend.

When you leave or enter a Schengen country the officers check how many days you have spent in Schengen in the previous 180-day period. If you haven't been anywhere except Spain in that time you are entitled to the full 90-day period but if, for example, you'd spent a weekend in France during the previous 180 days then those days would be subtracted from your 90-day allowance for that period.

I am no visa expert (nor is anyone else here or on any internet forum) but if you do not exit the Schengen Zone on the day your visa runs out I think there is a possibility that you might be considered to have overstayed. For that reason I would advise you to leave Spain and spend a few days in a non-Schengen country such as the UK or Ireland before re-entering Schengen to visit Greece.

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