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Hi all,

Some may have seen my last post on my travelling plans but if not, I am planning a 6 month trip around Asia & Australasia and I'm currently in the process of planning flights and some accommodation. My question is on credit and debit cards.

I currently have my main debit card account (which I don't plan to use whilst travelling due to large transaction fees!) and I also have a 'Revolut' card which is a top up card that allows me to use ATMs abroad without any extra fees. I was just wondering if it's worth getting another credit/debit card when travelling or if i'll be ok just using a revolut card?

I have noticed some credit cards offer air miles and special offers when you use them, plus no foreign transaction fees. I was wondering if anyone else has used any credit cards when travelling and if they recommend any credit card companies that offer good cards for travelling.

I live in the UK so not sure if US credit card companies vary at all, but I can check that at a later date


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