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Hi everyone,

Ivana and I are looking to travel across the south island for 3/4 weeks by van.

We have some questions for you guys!

Do we need an international license to drive? We both have Canadian licences.
Do you think we have time to travel to the north island as well?
Does anyone know what something like that will cost?
Are we allowed to pull over and sleep on the side of the highway?

Also if you have done something like that before... tell us about it!
Thanks guys. I'm sure we will have more questions later on.


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Good choice!

Your Canadian licence will be fine.
Yes you could include some of North Island in that timescale but if you try to see much of both it will be hurried. What are your priorities? Famous sights, hikes, culture and museums?
Freedom camping in a camper van is allowed nationally but increasingly forbidden in certain spots. Each time I go it seems more restricted.

Cost is hard to gauge. Not cheap. Camper van hire probably isn't the cheapest way - van hire is expensive then you end up with some campground fees. Hiring an ordinary cheap car and doing motels would be as cheap; hostelling in private rooms would be cheaper still, and for my taste preferable as you'd meet more people along the way.

Food prices are high, partly due to a supermarket duopoly. Look out for markets for fruits and veggies. Buy what's in season for bargains. Ridiculously cheap collection deals ate available from pizza hut and domino's. Pak & Save is the budget supermarket.

What time of year will you be there?

If geothermal stuff interests you then include some north island time around taupo / Rotorua as it's world class. Hot springs, fumaroles, geysers, volcanoes. That's a good place to see Maori culture too as there are fewer of them in South Island.

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Thanks, Andy.

You seem to turn up with solid information in almost every post. We appreciate it!

Unfortunately, I spoke to soon. We were planning on being in New Zealand in about 2 weeks, although some other ideas have just presented themselves. We have a friend in Perth who just had a sudden schedule change, which makes it possible for us to go there. Also looking into a Nepal visit.

In the future I will make try to make sure my mind is set before I post. This is altogether pretty lame of me.

I don't think your time was completely wasted as we should in New Zealand one day, and then I will re-open this thread.

Sorry man.

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Hi Steve. I think my solid information is just good luck as you seem to be following me to all the good spots.

No worries re the change of plan. :)