Is hiking to Mt Everest Base Camp worth it?

Travel Forums Asia Is hiking to Mt Everest Base Camp worth it?

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I'm thinking of hiking Mt Everest Base Camp, but is it worth it? Will I get elevation sickness? What if I'm not fit enough? Any tour suggestions?

Has anyone done it before?

Thanks in advance,

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Altitude sickness can affect anyone, physically fit or not, above altitudes of 2 500 m (8 000 ft). It is not something you can predict but you can try to overcome it. "Climb high, sleep low" is a common mantra often practised on climbs. Generally, get to your camp early afternoon and then have a walk up a couple of hundred metres higher than your camp for a while before coming down for the night. Diamox tablets can help against altitude sickness although it's not guaranteed. As soon as any signs of altitude sickness occur, the climber is best advised to descend as quickly as possible. For more information on the symptoms see this site.

Recently on Kilimanjaro, a New Zealander became sick at 3 000 m and started to descend with guides but passed away on the mountain as reported here.

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The trek to Everest Base Camp is certainly worth it !
If you trek with a professional company they will plan your travel to include acclimatisation days to ensure Altitude Sickness does occur.
There are many companies available either on line or Thamel direct if you are already travelling.
You don’t mention your age or general fitness level however I was 55 years old when I went, already in Nepal so booked locally in Thamel and trekked in a small group of 5 plus guide.
The guide must take the pace from the slowest group member, and if you were to find that too fast just ask them to slow down.
I met people on the trip ranging from 12 years old travelling with parents to and 83 year old Lady travelling solo.
Scenery and experience is spectacular, my trip took me to Base Camp then across the Cho Lo pass to the frozen Goyko lakes and the back to Thamel.
Well worth the extra time and distance.